Aug 05 2010

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Aug 04 2010

Rory Miller Interview in Boston

Rory was at SummerFest all three days and conducted numerous seminars on subjects covered in his “Meditations on Violence” book and topics that will be in his new book that is being published soon. Rory will be in Boston all week and if you have the opportunity to participate in one of his seminars, please do.

In this Youtube video, Sensei Jason Gould of Boston’s Emerald Necklace Martial Arts sits down with Rory Miller, self-defense and tactics expert and author of “Meditations on Violence.” The two discuss martial arts and real world violence: decisonmaking under stress, legal and ethical aspects of self-defense, conflict de-escalation, and the dynamics of fighting.

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Jul 25 2010

Raffi Update. . .

Summer Camp 2010!!!!

Hello everyone, 
I just wanted to take a second and say I am really looking forward to seeing all of my Uechi friends/family next weekend. 
Sadly, I am only able to attend on Saturday. Should be there around 10:30 or so. Won’t be able to stay the entire day but will stay as long as I can. I will teach as much or as little as Sensei needs. 
It is great to say I have two JKD students coming to camp (they will be there earlier than me for sure) as well as one Uechi student. My JKD guys are looking forward to working with Rory as they bought his book and are anxious to meet him. 
I will be teaching a class on weapons. Specfically stick and knife. This will be a very combative class. No drills or patterns. Just some nasty Filipino stuff. Perhaps some empty hand tactics as well. 
I will NOT have many extra sticks and knives. Please bring your own if you can. 
Sensei, please set aside one copy of your new book for me. 
Take care folks, 

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Jul 25 2010

Joe Lewis Conference

Attention all Uechi-ryu students and instructors. . .

This is a program you don’t want to miss. . .





Dear JLFS Black Belts and Fellow Martial Artists,

You are cordially invited to attend my 11th Annual Joe Lewis Research Conference. This one-of-a-kind event takes place October 7-10, 2010 in Tampa, Florida. It will be hosted by Mike Allen and Eddie Dominguez at the Hilton Airport Westshore Hotel in Tampa, Florida.

The event is fewer than 80 days away so start making your reservations now in order to get the best travel rates.

Imagine taking part in the world’s only and most challenging research conference that offers personable, accessible, beneficial, and unique training—and yet— personally mentored by the first martial artist to open up a kickboxing school in North America (Dr. Maung Gyi), the Legendary Father of American Kickboxing (Joe Lewis), and also the first World Champion to establish kickboxing on National television (Bill “Superfoot” Wallace).

In addition to these three legends’ seminars, we have a distinguished line-up of guest instructors who will be sharing with you their knowledge and experience. Each seminar has a unique theme and every instructor is either a JLFS certified Black Belt as well as having certification in numerous other systems, or has widespread recognized credentials as being the top cutting-edge instructor in his field. We also have 3 Grandmasters of their own system teaching at the camp. We only pick the top cutting-edge instructor candidates to ensure that you not only have knowledge access from them, but also that you will acquire and fully gain the best possible experience.

True Breadth of Knowledge—“Second to None”

Whether you are a world champion fighter, a successful school owner, or a newcomer, each year we turn it up another notch by consistently raising the bar, offering a blend of both old school and modern day martial arts training skills. The following is a list of our featured instructors and their respected disciplines. Private lessons are available besides our regular scheduled classes. Thursday, Oct 7th, is our beginning day set aside for greetings, sparring, and those being tested for black belt rank.

The instructors for this year’s conference include:

(click “Ctrl” key and the name of the instructor to view their website)

(Private lessons scheduled by request)

2010 Conference Theme:

“Putting the Life Back into Your Training”

“It’s not the amount of training you’ve done in your life,

It’s the amount of life you’ve put into your training.”


Attention: Auditioning Brave Martial Artists Only

Martial artists used to train hard, sometimes for hours every day. Honor and respect traveled both up and down the chain of command. There was no “King of the Hill” or school bully.

A place in time where the most appropriate environment for learning was a level playing field—where the weakest white belts were allowed, and felt accepted and supported. You were never made to feel inadequate or less than those who were stronger—and yet, you felt at home training side by side with world champions. The doors to the workout floor were always open whether you were in top shape or struggling to get back into it.

You did not have to wonder whether or not if what you were being taught was the best cutting-edge methods to ever exist. And when you trained, you felt that indomitable fighting spirit that permeated the entire classroom.

Do you ever miss leaving the classroom with this same, familiar surge of passion anticipating the next class, because in your gut there was that freshly released energy that even words could not describe? Wasn’t it great in those days when valorous camaraderie was always the order of the day?

You think martial arts only used to be that way—-IT STILL IS!

I extend to you the challenge of a lifetime to come and train with those who represent an association that speaks to the dignity of that which is still the soul of a true martial artist.

Looking forward to greeting you,

Joe Lewis

Former World Karate/Kickbox Champion

United States Marine Corps (Member of 1st combat unit in Viet Nam—8th Marine Brigade)

“I will show you the pathway, but the answer about discovering

how to get to where you want to go is left up to you.”

Conference Information:

Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore

2225 North Lois Ave.
Tampa FL 33607

We have a dedicated contact from the Hilton to address any issues related to this event including hotel reservations.

Cindy Colley Senior Sales Manager
Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore

2225 North Lois Avenue

Tampa, Florida 33607

(d) 813-874-5015

813-877-6688 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or 800-445-8667 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 800-445-8667 end_of_the_skype_highlighting (Toll Free)

(Request “JLFS Conference Rate – $99) – Rate code is “JLEW

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Jul 22 2010

FireDragon Challenge!

Sorry. . . No More Advanced Registration

Bring your own lunch and register at the Maritime Academy (See Susan) DayTrips Only. . . $150
Looking forward to seeing you all Friday morning at 6:30AM. Meet at the tent!

FireDragon Honor Role (5th year)


The FireDragon crest and Lapel pin will be awarded, at no charge, to all those who participate and pass the FireDragon tests, held on Saturday at SummerFest.

Congratulations to all who participated in this extreme test of physical fitness and endurance. (list of winners)

George E. Mattson

Bill Glasheen


VideoClip description and overview of the FireDragon Challenge

To be listed, all performance tests must be authorized by administrator and certified passed by two approved witnesses.

The Test:

Stage 1: Maximum push-ups that can be done in a minute. These will be flat-handed pushups, with elbows rubbing against the body (sort of like karate fist pushups). I’m still debating on whether or not to ask for fist pushups. Right now I think not, but opinions welcome here. 

Quickly go to stage 2. 

Stage 2: Maximum pull-ups that can be done in a minute. (This is the one I want to do a little more research on.) You get one shot here. Once your feet touch the ground, you are done. 

Quickly go to stage 3: 

Stage 3: Maximum sit-ups that can be done in a minute. These will be bent-knee situps with a partner holding your feet. 

Quickly go to stage 4: 

Stage 4: You get one minute to do 2 tries at a standing broad jump. Your best effort is your score. 

Quickly go to stage 5: 

Stage 5 : Maximum number of “squats” that can be done in a minute. A squat is to be done down to thigh-parallel, and then stand completely up. Any squat that doesn’t go down that far, or goes all the way down does not count. Judge will stop you if form gets unacceptable. 

Quicly go to stage 6: 

Stage 6: A one-mile run.


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Jul 20 2010

Andy Moore Seminar at SummerFest

Andy Moore Seminar at SummerFest!!!


“Train Hard and Train Smart!”

Functional and fun drills for all ability levels to improve ones speed, strength and overall athletic ability.

Joint mobility exercises that will allow you to keep training for years to come.

Andrew E. Moores

Director of Training

Atlantic Karate Training Center


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Jul 19 2010

Countdown to SummerFest

Countdown To SummerFest

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Jul 15 2010

Important SummerFest Update

Click here for JrFest on-line application!

JuniorFest Update Newsletter! Very important information for anyone interested in bringing their children to SummerFest on Saturday only!

There are many articles, photographs and updates now available on the new SummerFest 2010 link, found in the left frame of this website. One update you should read and print out can be found HERE. The new schedule of activities and seminar categories link is part of this update.

Buzz and Judy Durkin will be teaching seminars on Saturday and possibly on Friday. Andy Moore will be with us as well and will give everyone a taste of what his SummerCamp specializes in. You don’t want to miss it!

Be sure to bring your Bo weapon and take advantage of John Hassell’s fantastic instruction.

I’m getting many calls from senior instructors like John Spenser who will be with us and teaching. John will be teaching Friday –  Sunday!

Oh yes, I’ll be bringing a copy of my new book and it will be on display in the Registration room. Susan will be taking orders and I’m expecting most if not all the remaining copies will be spoken for by Sunday.

Haven’t sent in your application yet??? Please do it now. You don’t want to miss this year’s SummerFest.

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Jul 15 2010

SummerFest Presenters

Notice. . . .

Notice: A record number of senior Uechi instructors and guest teachers from other systems will be teaching this year. Check the Uechi home page to review the list of presenters for this year… see you at SummerFest! G.E.Mattson

Rory Miller

Rory  Miller

Rory Miller has been studying martial arts since 1981. Though he started in competitive martial sports, earning college varsities in judo and fencing, he found his martial “home” in the early Tokugawa-era battlefield system of Sosuishi-ryu kumi uchi (jujutsu). He is a veteran corrections officer and with hundreds of unarmed encounters has thoroughly examined the gulf that exists between training and application.




Buzz and Judy Durkin will be teaching seminars Friday and Saturday. Judy will be teaching a special seminar for women. Buzz will be teaching “core” Uechi-ryu material along with George Mattson.

John Thurston, Peter MCulloch and Erik Obrien will be teaching TaiChi basics and this arts’ relationship to Uechi-ryu on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

JKD is the martial art that was created by Bruce Lee. It is a blended system of boxing, kickboxing, Wing Chun, Ju-Jitsu, and several other arts. It’s concepts and principles draw from many different systems and styles.

My intention is to teach that which will enhance the students and practitioners of Uechi-ryu. Much of what we do in JKD blends well with our Uechi style. I will cover some rudimentary flow drills (from Wing Chun Gung Fu) and Trapping Techniques which will include countering your opponent’s block.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Raffi Derderian

Joe Pomfret will be a SummerFest Presenter again this year! Although there may be one or two of the 3/4 million people who visit this site every month who don’t know Shihan Pomfret or his superstar student, Joe Lauzon, I suspect the vast majority of you will recognize his name and incredible fighting skills.
What many of you may not appreciate, though, is that Joe is one of the world’s most talented as well as “gifted” martial art instructor, capable of clearly and simply transmitting his knowledge to students.

Even though Joe is a superb “ground” fighter, he has never abandoned his “stand-up” core-uechi-ryu fighting background. Joe and his students win many of their MMA matches with their powerhouse “standup” techniques.

Looking for a way to prepare for Joe’s seminars? Why not order Joe’s two DVD and begin practicing the fundamentals of ground fighting, taught by best.

Most important – Get those SummerFest applications in early! Oh yes. . . Joe Lauzon is scheduled to be with us as well! ( He has been a regular at SummerFest for years! – Lauzon was the featured UFC fight on Thursday, June 14th on SPIKE Cable )

Joe has two really great DVDs for sale on this site. The first one, VidMag 24: Joe Pomfret’s Grappling for ‘Stand-up’ Martial Artists is a “must have” video for the traditional “stand-up” martial artist. Learn the basics of GroundFighting, including the “Shoot”, “Hooks” and other very workable techniques. Learn how to get your opponent to the ground, how to keep him there and how to apply submission holds. Demonstratred and taught in an easily understood manner.

Pomfret’s RSD II

Joe Pomfret, assisted by Joe Lauzon, has come up with a dynamite follow-up to his fantastic basic grappling video. This DVD focuses on a new type of grappling pre-arranged kumite that Joe suggests will aid the traditional martial artist improve their ground fighting skill. Another “must have” for your library and one that you will use over and over in your training

Some of the other seniors who will be teaching this year:

John Spencer, Peter Blackman, Buzz Durkin, Judy Durkin, Vinny Christiano, Joan Niede, Rob VanDerVolgen, Al Wharton, Dave Mott, Mario Rizzo, John Felipe, Jim Maloney, Bill Glasheen, Roy Bedard, Darin Yee, Bruce and Jim Witherell, John Hassell, Art Rabesa, Tracy Rose,

Judo takedown possibilities in the Uechi Kumite framework.

Sensei Mattson:

A brief description of what I hope to teach at the Summerfest.

Kuzushi in Uechi and how to use it grappling.

Ukemi both as a way of breaking the force of a fall and also a way of initiating a throw.

Tenshin grappling drill

Takedowns which occur in Dan Kumite

The throw in Point 2 which is blocked to the side, we’ll take to where it is supposed to go.

The throw possibility after the catch of the roundhouse in Point 3, two different takedowns there.

Same with 4 and point 5, maybe a hip throw for point 1.

Various alternative throws in point 6, renrakuwaza or combination throws, throws for the opponent being thrown to reverse it otherwise known as sutemiwaza. Also some Sambo methods which I find make the standard point six takedown work better.

A lot to cover and rather ambitious but we’ll get it done

I’ll cover this on Friday and Saturday if You would like.


Fred Channell

Dynamic Kid’s Classes
Junior Program Administrator
Rose Dyer is in charge of the children’s program. She has the amazing talent for keeping his charges busy all day long, alternating physical outdoor classes with indoor role playing, games and innovative programs. Rose will be assisted by Ken Shiff and his team of instructors.
Topics to be covered will include:

· Self-defense techniques specifically designed for kids. These defense maneuvers are easily learned, remembered, extremely effective and practical;

· The class will instill confidence;

· Children will learn personal safety for and in all types of real life situations;

· Techniques on how to achieve and maintain emotional control when faced with violent situations either physical or verbal;

· Where personal boundaries are when faced with adults in social situations;

· How to recognize dangerous situations and to say no with confidence;

· Each seminar will discuss one safety topic in addition to practical skills. Children will then demonstrate several of the techniques that they will have learned during the demonstration period held in the evenings.

I have taught this class to my own students for the past eight years with tremendous results. I am looking forward to teaching this safety-kids program at this year’s summer camp. These seminars will be co-instructed by Tracy Capone, Sandan and assisted by Katie Dyer. The classes are designed to be taught at every session.

Thank you for the opportunity to share with our Uechi family.


Rose A. Dyer Instructor/Godan

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Jul 15 2010

New England Kid’s Tourney update

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Dear Friends and Sensei,

We need referees and Judges for the second tournament in the 2010 UKCS. The event is going to be held at 100 North Main Street, Carver MA on Saturday, August 21 at 12:00 PM. The Junior tourney will be held first and the adult portion will be held immediately following around 3:00 PM.

Once again I will be coordinating the judges for this event. Please let me know by replying to this email if you can or cannot attend. If you can attend, can you judge the Juniors and adults?

I will send all the details of the tournament to those that are attending.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Sensei Len Testa

55 Oak Street Extension
Brockton MA 02301



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