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Kyhon for sale – Good Cause!

by George Mattson


FOLLOW-UP. . . 6-5-2012

Mattson sensei,we closed the Bid on the Book.It went for 1,500.Sensei Larry Isaac Kenpo Karate from North Carolina purchased it.Thank you again for your kind response and support.

John Bartusevics


Mattson Sensei:

Let me introduce myself. I am John Bartusevics, Retired Capt USMC, 1960-1990. I first met Master Uechi Kanei on Okinawa in 1963. I took over the duties as 3rd Marine Div.Judo/Karate Coordinator. I held this job from May,1963-May 1965. I am a student of the late Master Shimabuku Tatsuo, Founder of Isshin-Ryu Karate. I started with him in 1961-1965,1967-68 and 1971-72.he passed away in 1975. I still train and teach in my back yard, 71 years old. Master Shimabuku and Master Uechi had contract to teach the Marines on the Island. I was the one that took the check to them every month.We formed a warm relationship over the years.
The reason i am writing is that i had a friend/Student Glen Webb, who visited me in 1978 in Okinawa. We visited Master Uechi Kanei and during the visit Glen purchased a Book written by Master Uechi Kanei. He also signed it and dated it 5 July 1978. Glen gave that Book to me in 2009 when I was inducted in the Isshin-Ryu Hall Of Fame at Chattanooga, Tn. Anyway, Glen is fighting a battle with Cancer and his Insurance does not cover everything and not able to work, he is having a hard time money wise. I have decided to sell this Book and am asking for a bid over $1000. This money will go for Glen Webb Cancer Fund,100% of it. I have a FaceBook Karate Friend Group and I have a bid of $1000 on it but I would like to get more for this treasured historical masterpiece by Master Uechi Kanei.
I have heard of you ever since I made friends with Master Uechi Kanei, He was always talking about you and was proud of you. I am hoping that you can get the word out on this Book within your Uechi-Ryu Community. If you need to call me for further info please call my Cell.760-583 5310.
R/S John Bartusevics

Note: Enclosed attachments of the signed book and picture of Mater Uechi in front row and i am kneeling next to my Sensei Master Shimabuku Tatsuo

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