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March 9th 2013 Seminar

by Darin Yee


Note: May workout changed to Saturday, May 11th!

March 9th, the “HUT” hosted a regional workout lead by Sensei Paul Giella and Sensei Vinny Christiano.  This was a classical workout conducted by 2 “down to earth old time instructors” with a lot of skills and teaching experience.

The workout was invigorating and intense.  We covered everything from exercises, kata and techniques.  Paul Sensei introduced and worked on a 3 part San-Chin.  This 3 part San-Chin went from a posing kata to a blocking kata and finished with a striking/attacking kata.  These drills were both interesting and challenging.  They worked our coordination and forced us to focus as each step incorporates a different mindset and a different process in movements.  Sensei Paul was constant in his insistence on stances and a good base.

Vinny Sensei, as always, introduced his innovative ideas and variations on kata and dan kumite.  A lot of what Vinny Sensei emphasized was our softer aspect within our system.  We explored the strength within our core and the generation of power from rotation.  We are always in search of the hidden power within ourselves.  Vinny Sensei worked diligently throughout this seminar to help us realize how to find our strengths.

It is needless to say I respect and admire both of them as martial artists and teachers.  My only wish is to have more chances to work out with them and the many talented people who work out at the Hut.

The next regional workout will be hosted by me, Darin Yee, on Saturday, May 11.  The location is 8 Natalie Way, Plymouth, MA 02360.  The start time will be 12 noon.  After our workout we will go next door to a well-known Hibachi restaurant named New Tokyo for Japanese food.  There is both hot and cold food.  They have also agreed to give us a discount.

The presenters will be Sensei Gary Wong and I.  We have both studied Uechi-Ryu since 1969.  Gary and I have also spent as many years studying Chinese Kung-Fu.  Our seminar on May 18th will introduce many movements we’ve studied in Kung-Fu and relate them to our movements in Uechi-Ryu.  As we have been taught since the beginning of everyone’s training, our Uechi-Ryu from Okinawa was derived from “Pong Gai Noon” the system taught to our Grandmaster Kunbun Uechi.

Sensei Gary Wong and I, through our 50 plus years of studies and training in both avenues of martial arts, will demonstrate and teach different uses and understanding for our similar moves.  We will also drill on some of the fighting techniques which help us become the  successful competitors we were in the early “70s”.  Hope to see you here on May 181at 12 noon.

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