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2022 Uechi-ryu WinterFest

by George Mattson


WinterFest – A time to recharge our interest, motivations and goals, while meeting new friends and “catching up” with old friends.

2022 Uechi-ryu Karate WinterFest Update

Friday and Saturday’s seminars will be conducted from 9AM – 3PM at the Eustis Service Center. Lunch will be served at the facility from 12-1PM. Saturday, the Masters’ Celebration will be conducted.

The Eustis Service Center is tucked beside Sunset Island Park, which sits a large banquet hall, overlooking an oak canopy that is sure to impress. This 3400 square-foot hall has a full-service kitchen and a view of a backyard courtyard that will be use for outdoor workouts, seminars and Kobudo. The Center is located at 301 West Ward Avenue, Eustis 32726.
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Sunday’s session
will be held at the Central Florida Karate Studeo, 2800 Old W. Highway 441 in Mount Dora, FL 32757.
Weapon classes will begin at 9am and run until noon.

We are arranging reservations for group dinners on Friday and Saturday evening for those who have arranged to attend. Details will be available on Friday when signing in. (We are also looking into the possibility of scheduling a barbeque on either Friday or Saturday)

Seminar Schedule: We have a super grand schedule of Presenters for all three days. Friday, each presenter will conduct a 30 minute review of material, attended by all participants. The object is for the Presenters to summarize what their course is all about and to give a lesson that will provide all with both an understanding of material presented and determination what Presenter they will wish to work out with on Saturday, where multiple seminars will be conducted at the same time and times will be determined by the teachers.

Presenters – Seminars – Schedule

Friday 3/25/2022

Eustis Service Center


9am-9:30am – George Mattson & Tim Dando:
Kon-li exercises with Tim Dando
High Energy Action with Mattson Sensei

9:30am-10am – Bruce Hirabayashi
Power thru Body Alignment

10am-10:30am – Lee Adams
Applied Technique from Kanshiwa Bunkai with Aiki connections

10:30am-11am – Rik Listrito
Harmonious Receiving – an Insightful Look at WaUke

11am-11:30am – Paul Kronschnabl
3 way Combinations out of Katas as practical applications

11:30am-12 noon – John Spencer
Techniques in Bunkai

12-1pm LUNCH

1pm-1:30pm – Justin Testa
Uechi Movement Resistance Training

1:30pm-2pm – George Schriefer
Sanchin Movement & Applications

2pm-2:30pm – Harry Skeffington
Hard and Soft in Training

2:30-3pm – Richard & Heather Bennett

(Note: Rob, Darin and Roy will not be presenting on Friday, due to lack of time)

March 26th

Eustis Service Center
301 W Ward Ave
Eustis, Fl 237268am Doors Open

George Mattson &
Tim Dando
Following Seminars will be given concurrently with 3 choices per hour

A)Bruce Hirabayashi
B)Lee Adams
C)Rik Listrito

A)Paul Kronschnabl
B)Roy Bedard
C)George Schriefer

12 noon LUNCH Provided

A)Justin Testa
B)Harry Skeffington
C)The Bennetts

A)Robb Goff
B)Darin Yee
C)John Spencer

3pm Masters Ceremony

4pm Doors Closed

Sunday – 3/27/2020

Central Florida Karate
2800 W Old Highway 441
Mount Dora, Fl 32757
Doors open 8:00 am

9am-12noon -Kobudo

A)Richard & Heather Bennett
B)Mac Hutchinson

11 am -Open Hand Workout
C)Darin Yee

Presenters and their Seminar content

George Mattson – Uechi super-action drills
Timothy Dando – Konli Exercises
Bruce Hirabayashi – Power Through Body Alignment
Lee Adams – Applied Technique from Kanshiwa Bunkai
Rik Listrito – Harmonious Receiving an Insightful look at Wauke
Paul Kronschnabl – 3 Way Combinations From Katas as Practical Applications
John Spencer -Techniques in Bunkai
Justin Testa – Uechi Movement Resistance Training
George Schriefer – Sanchin Movements & Applications
Harry Skeffington – Soft and Hard Training
Darin Yee – Generation of Power
Roy Bedard – Sanchin Transition to Free-Fighting Strengths
Robb Goff – The Art within Your Art
Richard & Heather Bennett – Matayoshi Kobudo
Mac Hutchinson -Yamanni Ryu

If you haven’t registered yet, click HERE for the information.
All discounts end in a few day! 25th!!!

Plan to “Train Often – Train Smart” at 2022 WinterFest in Florida!Train Often, Train Smart

George Mattson

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