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Lee Adams Appointed Chairman BAA

by George Mattson

From October 2020 I will be assuming the role of Chairman of the British Aikido Association, The BAA was established in 1966, one year before the Japan Aikido Association so is recognised as the oldest official Aikido association in the world, although primarily supporting Tomiki Aikido the BAA today is the Association of choice for many Non Tomiki Aikido Clubs and has recently opened its affiliate membership to other Aikido Styles and other Martial Arts.

Professor Kenjo Tomiki  skills and dedication to training were such that, after being the captain of the Judo Team at Waseda University in Tokyo, he became an uchi-deshi (live-in student) of Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo. It was through his association with Kano that Tomiki Sensei came to be acquainted with Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido. Already holding an 8th Dan in Judo, O’ Sensei awarded Kenji Tomiki  a Menkyo ( roughly equivalent to 8th Dan) and as such is recorded and Aikido’s first ever 8th Dan.

Kenji Tomiki’s style of Aikido is a style that strives to combine the competitive excitement of Judo with the spiritual serenity of traditional Aikido.

I am honoured to be asked to represent Tomiki Aikido on the world stage as I am to represent the IUKF and Uechi Ryu here in the UK, I believe that the two have much commonality and will continue to dissect, analyse and experiment with both for self-improvement and enlightenment.



Lee Adams  IUKF GB and the BAA


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