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Youth Karate Tournament

by George Mattson

Sensei George,

I never got around to thanking you for letting me train with you and your students when I was there in Florida a few months back. I hope Susan didn’t mind me calling her several times trying to find the location. My GPS wasn’t synched up. But you know me, wherever I am I seek out a Uechiryu dojo to train at, even if I had to drive 2 hours to get there. Good training.  When you’re over 60 we have to try harder to keep up with the younger crowd. Or in our case surpass them (haha).

If you get a chance, please let the hard working Uechiryu folks know about a youth tournament (17 years old and younger) Sheila and I are sponsoring at our Lynn Dojo.  All the information can be found on our website: www.neveskarateacademy.com  Check out the YouTube video.

Seriously though, you look great and I know you’ll be doing fine for years to come.

As I mention to just about everyone, true power comes from being kind to others.

Manny Neves

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