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Embroidered Belt Service at SummerFest

by Darin Yee
SummerFest Belt Service

SummerFest Belt Service

I want to announce as a plus for attending summer fest, I have made a deal with the embroidery company in my building to do belts at a ridiculously low price.  When I got my first belt done, the cost was $85.  I got this company to do our names in English and Uechi-ryu karate do in Chinese on the other side for the low price of $30 to $35 dollars depending on the amount of stitches.

If you order your belt now, it will be ready by camp.  If you want to have it done while you are at camp, you’ll have to wait your turn as this is a first come first serve thing.  You can write me and let me know your belt size and I will order a belt for you and have the work done.  This will mean $6 more as I will have to purchase a belt for you.  If you want a specific belt, you will have to bring it.  I usually buy a polyester/cotton belt 1-3/4” wide listed for $10 but I get a discount which is passed on to you.

Please send me a check written out to Darin Yee for $41 dollars and write embroidery at the bottom with the proper spelling of your name and I will get this done for you.  Your check has to be in to me by July 26 or you belt will not ship here in time.  The address is Darin Yee, 8 Natalie Way, Plymouth, MA 02360.

The last time during a tournament held at my sports complex, I’d offered this service to the people there the person working stayed 12 hours at the machine and still some of the belts had to be sent because there was so many who wanted theirs done.  If they have to send it, you will have to pay a shipping charge also.

If you belt takes less stitching and the cost is less, I’ll reimburse you the overage.  Please let me know soon.

Darin Yee

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