Sep 28 2013

Introducing the “MyHerman” Impact Trainer

video-clip-imageThe NEW wireless Herman Interactive Training System is now available! Click Here to access the new site.


The remarkable Herman Impact Trainer was first introduced to the martial arts community at the 2010 SummerFest. Roy Bedard and Robb Buckland proved that their punch and kick techniques out powered everyone else’s, documented by Herman’s sensitive sensors and recorded in detailed statistical charts.

Since that introduction of this fascinating training tool, I’ve been learning many ways this training tool can be used in the dojo or at home. Whether a complete aerobic workout is selected or a complex set of reaction-time tests, the Trainer;s controller quickly and simply creates your workout. Herman builds your workout and is ready for action in less than a minute.

Kids absolutely love the trainer. . . and Herman’s versatile sensor can be fine-tuned to register the softest of hits from your six year old child to the earth shattering kicks of a Roy Bedard or Robb Buckland!

I’ received so many requests for information regarding the Trainer, that I began selling them last year in the Uechi-ryu store and last week decided to create a short clip showing how the Trainer can be used and how simple it is to set up.

I’ve made a special arrangement with the manufacturer that lowers the price quite a bit for orders received until the end of October. Check out the clip and order yours today during this very special offer. Order yours today in our Uechi-ryu secure store!

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