Jul 25 2013

Master’s Titles & Rank to be awarded at SummerFest

titles-logoMy thanks to the IUKF Titles Committee for their work regarding the awarding of Masters Titles, based on the following requirements:


Once the nomination period is closed (First Friday in May), recommendation of the award recipient will be made by the IUKF Titles Committee. In making their recommendation the Titles Committee will evaluate each nominee based upon age, years actively participating, contribution and service to the art of Uechi-Ryu Karate, and submitted recommendation.

Recommendation of candidate for title will be forwarded to the IUKF Board for approval. Approval must be a 2/3 majority vote.

Title Certificates will be awarded, Saturday, August 3rd at 7PM at SummerFest to the following individuals:

Fedele Cacia                   Renshi ———– 1 Gold Stripe each end of black belt.
Darin Yee                         Hanshi ———– 3 Gold Stripe each end of black belt.
Bruce Witherell                Hanshi ———– 3 Gold Stripe each end of black belt.
Gary Wong                       Hanshi———–   3 Gold Stripe each end of black belt.

Masters ranks and certificates will be awarded to the following seniors, who will perform Sanchin, Seisan and Sanseiryu for their peers, guests and family:

Brian M. Stoia—————–7th degree black belt – Sichidan
Fred Channell—————–6th degree black belt – Rokudan
Harvey W. Liebergott——–6th degree black belt – Rokudan
Marjorie G. Swift————–6th degree black belt – Rokudan

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  1. George Mattson

    New IUKF.net website just went public. Tracy Capone is in charge of cleaning up the typos and filling in the missing material, but the site should be completed by the end of this week.

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