Jul 30 2013

“Joy” Tierney to teach Muay Thai Classes at SummerFest


Rossana (Joy)Tierney is a Uechi-Ryu black belt.  She is also the “International Martial arts” kung-fu form, weapons and fighting grand champion in the expert division.   She is also well known for being one of the very few Muay Thai instructors here in the Northeast who was trained and certified in the native country of Thailand.

Because of the time available, Joy will run a short typical Muay Thai workout.  You will get a great sweat while training like they train for this art in Thailand.


Note: I’ve been getting lots of calls asking about classes for new/er students and also availability of seniors to check kata and other areas of Uechi-ryu. We will be setting up a special VIP area where senior ranking Uechi teachers will be available all day long Friday and Saturday to check kata, answer questions about our style and to generally be available for additional help. 

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