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WinterFest 2008

by George Mattson
Just learned that 7th dan, Bill Arch passed away Nov 24th. Bill, a long time Uechi practitioner, lived in Kalamazoo, MI. He was 71 years old. Click Here for Memorial

WinterFest Update: Information & Registration forms now available!

Christmas came early for the Mattson Clan!
Kimo Wall
I’m sure most of the martial art world is familiar with one of North America’s “Living Treasures” – Sensei Kimo Wall!
For three years he magically appeared at SummerFest for three days and nights, teaching non-stop from early morning until late at night. During our evening parties, Kimo would entertain everyone with his spectacular demonstrations and history of the 20+ traditional Okinawan weapons he had learned during the many years he trained on Okinawa.

Then, without explanation, he disappeared for twelve years. I heard rumors that he had been living in China and then decided to move permanently to Guatemala! As mysteriously as he had appeared at SummerFest, Kimo disappeared.

Then, two weeks ago, I received a forwarded email that Kimo had written, from his friend Jim Prouty. Imagine this. . . Kimo Wall has emerged from isolation, armed with a computer, website and e-mail address! WOW! 🙂

I wrote to Kimo and the next thing I knew, he accepted my invitation to celebrate Thanksgiving with Susan, Tia and me here in Florida.

While we were communicating by e-mail, catching up on the past 12 years, Kimo also accepted my invitation to teach at next year’s SummerFest. As an added surprise, Dr. Chang I Liu, Grandmaster of the “Feeding Crane” system will be accompanying Kimo and will be participating in the 2008 SummerFest.

Dr. Liu was with Kimo 12 years ago at SummerFest and amazed everyone with his spectacular “thundering” internal power and blinding defensive speed. Personally, I’ve seen quite a few martial artist over the years, but none that possessed the overall skill and power of Dr. Liu.

While Kimo was visiting, he taught one of Dr. Liu’s power drills to my class. In addition to our morning workouts, Kimo and I participated in a TalkShoe discussion which should be of interest to all Kimo Wall fans and students.

TiaTia wanted to jump in his van this morning as he prepared for the drive back to Georgia where he is staying with relatives. Although Tia was only a puppy when she last met Kimo, she greeted him with kisses and her favorite toy. (Something she only does for her favorite people.) As Kimo drove off, she watched attentively, not wanting to come inside. As I’m writing this, she is at the window, looking to see if he is returning!

While Kimo was visiting, we had an opportunity to reminisce about the “old” days on Okinawa and lots of very personal information about Kimo and his training. Fortunately, Kimo gave me permission to film one of our sessions so  I created a “TalkShoe” interview to be shared with the martial art community.

You can access this half hour discussion by CLICKING HERE or on Kimo’s picture.

Kimo’s website is www.kimowall.netfirms.com

New Englanders…. don’t miss this…
Hi All

On Sunday January 6 from Noon to 1:30, my Dojo will be hosting author Jay Nussbaum who will be signing copies of his latest novel, A Monk Jumped Over A Wall.  Jay is also a longtime Uechi practitioner and following the signing we will also be hosting a workout led by Sensei Fedele Cacia.

I hope you can attend and please feel free to forward this to anyone else who may be interested.

Although not necessary, please RSVP in order to ensure that enough books are on hand.

Thank you

John Page

**** The 2nd part of the discussion/interview is now available:
Bill and George discuss Traditional Martial Art “cooperative” drills and Kata Bunkai.

**** The 2nd part of the discussion/interview is now available:Bill and George discuss Traditional Martial Art “cooperative” drills and Kata Bunkai. Click Here to listen


pushup challenge
Please check out the following Talkcast– with my guest, Bill Glasheen

Learn how your dojo or group can compete in the “FireDragon Challenge”
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George Mattson

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Do Uechi-ryu Blocks Work???
Always an interesting topic and one that challenges the traditional martial artist’s training philosophy. As usual, my views are slightly right of center and if not shared by all, at least provides interesting discussions. For me, and I hope for you, such challenges as this, force us to examine what we do and motivates us to make sure every movement, technique and application is not only performed correctly, but with the mindset that makes it work. Roy Bedard and I discuss the subject on TalkShoe. Click Here to listen to the broadcast. And a very excellent discussion is taking place on Van’s forum. You are encouraged to contribute your thoughts on the subject there.

WinterFest 2008! January 25 – 27Mount Dora WinterFest
Plans have been completed to conduct a very special Uechi-ryu WinterFest the weekend of January 25, 26 and 27th, 2008. It will be held in the picturesque town of Mount Dora in Central Florida.

This WinterFest will be a bit different, in that physical training will be conducted all day Saturday, beginning at 8AM and concluding at 4PM. Lunch is included with the package and will be served at the training facility.
Friday, George will host a golf tournament, consisting of four person teams. Following the tournament, everyone is invited to a barbecue at a local park. Sunday is a free day and the Chamber of Commerce has provided us with many tours and other attractions to choose from. Central Florida is famous for many tourist attractions besides Disney World! 🙂
Saturday’s training will also be different, in that the emphasis will be on the very successful curriculum George Mattson has explored and fine-tuned during his nearly 50 years of teaching students of all skills and abilities. Beginning with his relatively new “active-awareness” Sanchin and covering his very focused attention to his purposeful three Sanchin teaching/practice method, Mattson will show attendees how Sanchin has worked for him and his students and how everyone can benefit from this very interesting and time-tested method of moving students from beginner to advanced and very senior practitioner.
Following each segment, Mattson will invite attendees to contribute to the symposium by discussing how they feel about the goals of Mattson’s methods and if they can be incorporated into what they are currently doing. . . and if so, how.
Mattson wil next demonstrate and discuss how his method of teaching Sanchin relates to all other elements of the Uechi system – beginning with the most basic kata of Kanshiwa as an example of teaching the basics, through the advanced kata, where emphasis involving timing, distancing, balance, strength and breathing are also related to the three levels of Sanchin.

Mattson’s method of teaching Bunkai is also unique and of  interest because of the way he is able to use the essence of kata and project this into usable technique and applications useful to both new and advanced students of the art. His highly energized classes make learning fun and exciting. . . part of a formula that both teaches and retains students.

And yes, Mattson (who admits to being a kumite drill junkie), will spend quite a lot of time explaining, demonstrating and teaching his method of introducing the drills to new/er students – both when and why. He will also explain the role these drills have in providing a bridge between the kata and freestyle sparring. . . in a safe and structured manner that has a measurable purpose in the self-defense world of reality.

The day will be extremely physical and will test old methods and mindsets. People with “full cups” should pass on this opportunity. We are looking for those who genuinely believe in the style and are looking for ways to pull the loose ends together into an integrated and meaningful program.

Space is limited in size and limited to Uechi practitioners who are open-minded and have an interest in Uechi-ryu that focuses on the “Art” instead of only street fighting.

Mattson specializes in the “core” system of Uechi – practiced as an art that happens to use self-defense techniques. He highly recommends students with the “tools” of Uechi to continue practicing for health and fitness reasons while supplementing their program with specialized practice taught by experts who add a “realistic mindset” to the Uechi “core” training. Mattson will explain how this “realistic component fits in with a dojo program and has invited highly skilled and experienced coaches to discuss and demonstrate this part of the Uechi dojo component to participants.Downtown Mount Dora

If you feel this program is something that will benefit you, be sure to register early. Space is very limited and we will have to close off all registration on January 2nd.

Registration Forms will be available soon!

Hosted and sponsored by Central Florida students of G.E. Mattson.

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