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2019 Uechi-ryu WinterFest
March 1 – 3rd

The on-line application w/payment now available


Mount Dora Plaza Shopping Center (Next to the facility)

2800 W Old US Hwy 441

Mount Dora, Florida

Click Here for map from Orlando Airport

Note: We are working on updating the Winterfest site. Please check back soon and if you are not on our mailing list, please send your email address to gmattson@uechi-ryu.com. I will send updates to you as developed.


 Tuition, which includes lunch on Friday and Saturday: $150 per person for the 3 days, 

Day Pass (Payment for participants not registering before February 10th) $100 per day for a Friday, Saturday or Sunday

Friday evening party: We will have restaurant and directions available on Friday.


Presenters: Posted as they are confirmed: George Mattson, Darin Yee, Lee Adams,Tim Dando, Patty Dando,  David Berndt, Roy Bedard, John Spencer, George Schriefer, Joe Guidry, Harry Skeffington, Cecilia Salbuch  and special guests, Buzz & Judy Durkin, Alan Azoff and others, to be announced.

I am pleased to announce that the 2019 Uechi-ryu WinterFest will again be held in the beauiful city of Mount Dora, Florida.

This event is sponsored by Mount Dora Parks and Recreation.

Besides a stellar cast of Uechi-ryu masters, who will be conducting seminars, This year we are honored to be hosting Tsukasa Gushi, sensei, who will be teaching the Kobudu made famous by his father, master Shinyu Gushi.

WinterFest will be held March 1st – 3rd, 2019 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) from 9Am- 3PM with lunch from noon to 1pm.

Tuition: Two or three days -$150. One day – $100



Kobudo schedule 

Friday– staff fundamentals, seijuno bo and other bo  kata(s) critiques.

Saturday– review of staff,….then oar (can use a staff). 

Sunday– giffa and sai. Review of seijun no bo, eku ,giffa and sai. 

 The weapons training complements and supplements good Uechi training by the utilization of the whole body – arms, shoulders, hips, legs, etc.,. Applications of the techniques will demonstrate the interrelationship of weapons and empty hand movements as they relate to the effective execution of Uechi movements. Hopefully, all attendees will leave with a better understanding of the Uechi system and an improved ability to execute their Uechi techniques.


IUKF President Darin Yee, presenting Lee Adams with his 7th degree certificate.

I’m also very pleased to announce that Lee Adams will be attending WinterFest and will be conducting the following special seminar:

Tai Sabki – Body Avoidance

  1. Using Un Soku ( Foot Movements) as a training aid Using 6 direction avoidance pattern to practice

Kazushi – Balance breaking

  1. Understanding Kazushi using both physiological and physical balance breaking

Ju Nanahon Randori no Kata

  1. 17 techniques demonstrating – Avoidance, breaking balance and control using the following attack modes:-


Katate Dori

  1. Applying the learnings above to Dai ichi Yakusoku Kumite ( 10 Techniques)
  2. Variation of techniques using non linear applications



This is going to be a fantastic year. Make your plans early to be part of the action.
If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me.


George E. Mattson


Tenative Winterfest Schedule

Friday Schedule
Where Seminar takes place Friday – Time of Seminar Presenter Topic of Seminar
Grass area behind gym 9am – 10am – Tim Dando and G.Mattson Sanchin essentials & Konlin Breathing drills
Gym – #1 dojo 10am – 10:30am – Harry Skeffington See Newsletter for details
Grass area behind gym 10am – Noon Gushi Sensei & Assistants Okinawa Kobudo (Newsletter)
Gym – #1 dojo 10:30am – 11am Cecelia Salbuchi- Creative Kyu kumite (see Newsletter)
Gym – #1 dojo 11am – Noon Roy Bedard Part 2 Summerfest Seminar (see newsletter

Pizza & Salad Served at gym

Gym – #1 dojo 1pm- 1:30om George Mattson Sanchin “Templates” discussion (newsletter)
Gym – #1 dojo 1:30pm – 2pm Buzz & Judy
Gym – #1 dojo 2pm – 2:30pm John Spencer Secrets of Bunkai – What to emphasize
Gym – #1 dojo 2:30pm – 3pm Lee Adams Exploring your Uechi-ryu (Newsletter)

Grass area behind gym 1pm – 3pm GushiSensei & Assistants Okinawa Kobudo
Grass area behind gym 1pm – 3pm Darin Yee China Weapon Study & Kunfu/Uechi relationship
Dojo 2 & 3 1pm – 3pm George, Buzz, Allan Individual Kata Review & Critique

We must clear out of Gym at 3pm but can continue to practice outside at the grass area.

Free time to visit sites of Mount Dora and surrounding area. 5pm-?pm-We are working on location.

Saturday Schedule
Where Seminar takes place Time of Seminar Presenter Topic of Seminar
Gym Dojo #1 9am – 10am Tim Dando & G.Mattson Sanchin essentials & Kyu Kumite tips
Grass area behind gym 10am – Noon Gushi & Assistants Okinawa Kobudo
Gym Dojo #1 10am – 10:30am Lee Adams See Newsletter
Gym Dojo #1 10:30am – 11am John Spencer Understand purpose of bunkai
Gym Dojo #1 11am – 12noon Roy Bedard See Newsletter
Lunch at dojo 12-1pm
Gym Dojo #1 1pm-1:30pm Cecilia Salbuchi and Greg Postal Creative Kyu Kumite
Grass area behind gym 1pm-3pm Gush Sensei Okinawa Kobudo
Gym Dojo #1 1:30pm – 2pm Buzz Durkin Interesting history stories
Dojo Section 2 2pm – 3pm Test Board 1-5th dan testing

Free time to visit sites of Mount Dora and surrounding area. 5pm-?pm-We are working on location

Sunday Schedule
Where Seminar takes place Time of Seminar Presenter Topic of Seminar
Gym Dojo #1 9am – 10am Tim Dando & G.Mattson Sanchin essentials & Dan Kumite tips
Grass area behind gym 10am – noon Gushi Sensei & Assistants Okinawa Kobudo
Gym Dojo #1 10am – noon Roy Bedard Self Defense Course – Roy’s New Book program (Watch for Newsletter)
Break for lunch – Restaurants next door
Gym Dojo #1 1pm – 3pm Senior Presenters Time to cover whatever Participants wish!!!

Winterfest History:
Although not in the league of our current Summerfest, our Winterfest is growing and may someday equal the success of our long-running Summerfest. When Susan and I moved to Florida, we missed many of our former students and thought it would be a great idea to offer a “mini” Summerfest here in Florida. About 15 showed up for the first one, held at a Judo dojo in Orlando. After a few years, we tried one in Palm Beach, which provided great fishing opportunities, but little else. For the past ten years we have run our Winterfest in Mount ora and fortunately found our home. Fantastic warm weather, great restaurants, galleries, many lakes and a beautiful building that hosted our mall but growing group. Last year we maxed out on what the building would support and decided to move a short distance away and run he event at a large martial art gym. Based on the advance registrations, we might have underestimated our space requirements, but we
are blessed with a large grass area in back of the gym where, with no rain, we will be able to run our morning warm-ups and Kobudo lessons.

Friday and Saturday evening we plan on finding a restaurant that will be able to accommodate a large group for dinner.

Susan is still looking around and I’ll report as soon as a place is selected.

Our Winterfest philosophy remains that we provide a place where a diverse group of Uechi-ryu practitioners are able to meet and share their training experiences and understanding of the art, with likeminded students of all levels. At Winterfest we are all teachers and all students – Egos are left at home during our pursuit of new and interesting understanding and applications of our beloved art are explored.

Rules are simple.  Enjoy the weather and comradery, while maintaining an open mind while learning new understandings and methods relating to the core exercises, kata, bunkai, kumite and applications of Uechi-ryu.

Winterfest – A time to recharge our interest, motivations and goals, while meeting new friends and “catching up” with old friends.

Winterfest Update – 1/21/2019

Submitted schedule is a 2nd draft, based on registered seniors promising to attend and be a presenter. Things may change as we get closer to the March 1st date. Meanwhile, we have golf reservations at the “Old” course, called the
Mount Dora Golf Association. Tee times for the group is at 1pn on Thursday afternoon.

Note that white karate Gi be worn by all participants and presenters.

Note: If you did not receive a newsletter on one of our presenters, please send me an email and name of presenter.


Good web resources:

Mount Dora: What you need to know


Points of Interest in Mount Dora:


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