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2020 Uechi-ryu WinterFest
March 6-8th

The on-line application w/payment now available


Winterfest History:
Although not in the league of our current Summerfest, our Winterfest is growing and may someday equal the success of our long-running Summerfest. When Susan and I moved to Florida, we missed many of our former students and thought it would be a great idea to offer a “mini” Summerfest here in Florida. About 15 showed up for the first one, held at a Judo dojo in Orlando. After a few years, we tried one in Palm Beach, which provided great fishing opportunities, but little else. For the past ten years we have run our Winterfest in Mount ora and fortunately found our home. Fantastic warm weather, great restaurants, galleries, many lakes and a beautiful building that hosted our mall but growing group. Last year we maxed out on what the building would support and decided to move a short distance away and run he event at a large martial art gym. Based on the advance registrations, we might have underestimated our space requirements, but we
are blessed with a large grass area in back of the gym where, with no rain, we will be able to run our morning warm-ups and Kobudo lessons.

Friday and Saturday evening we plan on finding a restaurant that will be able to accommodate a large group for dinner.

Susan is still looking around and I’ll report as soon as a place is selected.

Our Winterfest philosophy remains that we provide a place where a diverse group of Uechi-ryu practitioners are able to meet and share their training experiences and understanding of the art, with likeminded students of all levels. At Winterfest we are all teachers and all students – Egos are left at home during our pursuit of new and interesting understanding and applications of our beloved art are explored.

Rules are simple.  Enjoy the weather and comradery, while maintaining an open mind while learning new understandings and methods relating to the core exercises, kata, bunkai, kumite and applications of Uechi-ryu.

Winterfest – A time to recharge our interest, motivations and goals, while meeting new friends and “catching up” with old friends.



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