Dec 18 2013

Dave Mott’s “Music as Energy”


Music is the communication and transference of energy that is within the medium of sound, occupying time/space.
It is able to activate a mystery, a magic beyond itself. Music can stir the profound as it entertains the senses”.


Hi George,

Three solo pieces of mine have just gone up on the internet.  Here is the link: http://www.musicasenergy.com


I hope that you enjoy them!  Please pass them on to others who might enjoy them so that they appear in cyberspace.


By the way, I’d have never been able to create and meet the physical challenges of these pieces without Uechi-ryu.  Thought I’d better get them out there while I’m still able to play them.



Love your work David. . . but I would list the three differently, based on my personality and sensibilities. Listened to the three twice – once in your order and the second time, I started with “the story”, then “continuum” and finishing off with “regarding starlight”.

I just liked the feeling generated by the progression of sounds from the three pieces as I was drawn into the music and taken on a very exciting and exotic journey that finishes in a calming and healing manner.

Thanks for sharing your work with us.


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