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Regional Workout

by Darin Yee

1st Regional Workout – early 90s

Greetings and happy holidays to all our Uechi-Ryu brothers and sisters throughout the world.  It is festive times like this we collect our thoughts and think about our entire Uechi-Ryu Family regardless of associations and organizations.  This is the most compelling reason we began our regional workouts.

These regional workouts foster no restrictions such as rank, dojo or organization.  All we require are you come with an open mind and a smile.  Although this series of workouts was created by the IUKF, we’ve invited and welcomed anyone and everyone to participate and if so desire to organize and run a workout.  If you are interested in running a workout, please contact Darin Yee at darinyee@hotmail.com or Christian Maine at whitemountainkarate@gmail.com.  We will work with you to make your workout as successful as all the others have proven to be.

I apologize for not having another host and site ready before spring but indoor facilities are difficult to come by during the winter and most dojo won’t hold 40 plus people working out.  At this time, I believe Sensei Pat Saunders is creating a workout at her dojo sometime in March.

Sensei Christian Maine has offered to run a workout in beautiful Plymouth, NH during the summer and Sensei John Griffin from CT has offered to host a workout in the fall.  Please check this web site for updates as this is one of our greatest social connections.

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Marjorie G. Swift January 31, 2014 - 10:52 PM

Will there be a regional workout in the Spring?

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