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2014 Tournament Series

 Sensei Len Testa and I have been discussing another tournament series for a while now and decided to go forward with this plan.  We will collaborate 2 this year and possibly return to a 3 tournament series next year. The 2 tentative tournament dates are October 4th and November 29 for the year of the …

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SummerFest Notes. . .

Just got back from teaching seminars at the World Cup held in Miami this year.  In 2016 it will be hosted by Columbia.  Already have been invited to teach by the host country and I plan to make the trip. I’ve noticed a lot of differences between what is expected in these international tournaments and …

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Regional Workout – April 26th

Hello Everyone, I have been receiving a lot of calls regarding our regional workouts.  Most of the calls were asking when and where the next workout is going to be.  I’m sorry it took so long to get this one together because I have been very busy these last few months.  I am working hard …

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Want to compete in the Uechi WorldCup?

  I’ve promised to field a Uechi-Ryu team to compete in this year’s Uechi World cup held in Miami, FL this year on June 9th 2014.  I want to invite any and all Uechi student in the northeast to come work out with me once a week either on Friday nights which is a sparring …

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Regional Workout

Greetings and happy holidays to all our Uechi-Ryu brothers and sisters throughout the world.  It is festive times like this we collect our thoughts and think about our entire Uechi-Ryu Family regardless of associations and organizations.  This is the most compelling reason we began our regional workouts. These regional workouts foster no restrictions such as …

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Fall Regional Workout

            The IUKF sponsored Fall Regional Workout was held In Middletown, Rhode Island this passed Saturday hosted by Sensei James Nuzzo.  Sensei Jim was a student of the late Sensei Charles Earl who was an early student of Sensei George Mattson when our original dojo was still on Columbus Ave, …

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IUKF NE Regional Open Workout

The IUKF had another great regional training class on Sat August 24th. Practitioners from all over New England made their way up to Plymouth,New Hampshire to train with the students of White Mountain Karate. WMK and Christian Maine would like to thank Sensei Dave Kelly for making the trip to teach us various applications of …

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Plan to attend August NE Workout

On Saturday August 24th at 11:00am to 1:00pm, Christian Maine, one on our up and coming stars of Uechi-Ryu is conducting our regional workout.   The location is Top Gun Gymnastics at 17 Town West Road, Plymouth NH 0326.  Please notice the state is NH.  Also be informed NH is beautiful this time of the year. …

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Another Fantastic Event!!

I wish to extend my thanks to everyone who attended Summer Fest and one big “we missed you” to those of you who for one reason or another could not be here.  It was a great time seeing a lot of friends whom I have not seen since last year.  Next year, I was hoping …

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