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Fall Regional Workout

by Darin Yee
New England Seniors

New England Seniors

            The IUKF sponsored Fall Regional Workout was held In Middletown, Rhode Island this passed Saturday hosted by Sensei James Nuzzo.  Sensei Jim was a student of the late Sensei Charles Earl who was an early student of Sensei George Mattson when our original dojo was still on Columbus Ave, Boston.  Sensei Charlie Earl was a tall and powerful man and good portion of Sensei Jim’s seminar reflected much of Sensei Charlie Earl’s teachings.  Sensei Jim has grown and evolved into an excellent Uechi-Ryu student and teacher.  He has indeed absorbed all that was taught to him and custom fitted that knowledge on his path to becoming a master.

            These workouts are indicative to the values of everything we teach.  We as individual must learn from the roots of Uechi-Ryu and transform that which we are taught to merge with our personal mind, body and spirit.  All of our workouts lead by the different senseis has certainly demonstrated that.  I find that the more people I work out with, the more I enrich my understanding regardless of how many years I’ve dedicated to the study of martial arts.

This workout was attended by approximately 35 enthusiastic practitioners ranging from hachi-dan and down.  Our workouts are meant for all who seek knowledge and not haunted by rank, arrogance and ego.  Our guests are from many different Uechi-Ryu organizations.  As a matter of fact, Our Kenyukai brothers have offered to host a workout and that will be announced when a date is confirmed.

I offer these workouts to a few of my younger black belts and they had a blast.  I will do the same for the future workouts as I can clearly see the benefits and the experiences these workouts have given them.

ne-reg-workout2-2013            I encourage all respectable dojo owners, senseis and dojo managers to please follow our regional workouts and come join us.  There are no political agenda or obligations.  We simply want to get to know our Uechi-Ryu family and to share from our learning and experiences.   

Darin Yee

Note from Jim to Darin:


I hope you left with some take-a-ways from Saturday’s seminar.  It’s always worthwhile when a large group of Uechi-Ryu Black Belts get together to share thoughts and techniques.

All of you drove long distances to work out with me.  Thanks you for your support.  Hopefully, there were a few things to add to your training.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from teaching it’s the teacher who is the student and student is truly the teacher.  Thank you for all the lessons you brought on the mat.

Thanks for coming down, look forward to seeing you at your school.  Feel free to call me if you’d like to pick a time to train together.

Shihan Jim

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