SummerFest Notes. . .

by Darin Yee

darin yee 5-18-08-BJust got back from teaching seminars at the World Cup held in Miami this year.  In 2016 it will be hosted by Columbia.  Already have been invited to teach by the host country and I plan to make the trip. I’ve noticed a lot of differences between what is expected in these international tournaments and what we accept and look for here in the northeast.  I think that will be the focal point of my seminars this year at the SummerFest held the first week of August on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the Jungleplex here in Plymouth, MA.  Very interesting and beneficial to our training and teaching. I will also be running the children’s program as I’ve done these past 3 years.  Every year, we have a different program and every year, the children have a great time.  The children’s cost for 6 hours training is $50 per child.  That is less than $10 an hour for fun filled exercises, training related games and a memorable day.  The cost for IUKF Jr. members is $35 per child.  Please apply another $5 discount for early enrollment by registering and paying through the store or by USPS the same as adults. Check the website for details.  Early enrollments must be received by July 10, 2014. (Juniors only) Also be informed “children’s” enrollment fee does NOT include camp tee shirts, drinks or food. Last year, the children jumped, ran, stretched, kicked, punched, sparred and competed in our lighting rod challenge.  They had so much fun no one wanted to end at 3pm.  Instead of teaching my seminar at 3pm, I stayed with the children for another 2 hours. This year, please consider talking up this event for the children in your dojo.  I think they will have so much fun, I may have to keep thing going to 5 pm again.  No promises.  We’ll see. This program was designed for 9am to 3pm with an hour break for lunch at 12 noon.  Parents can pack their lunches.  They can purchase drinks from the machines at the Jungleplex or parents may take their children out to one of the 6 nearby restaurants. Please ask your little students to bring their sparring gear (hand pads, feet pads, head protection, mouth piece, jock strap with cup and chest pad if so desire,  as we will go through sparring techniques in middle speed.  The gear is just a precaution.  I have taught children sparring since 1970 beginning at Mattson Academy on Cambridge Street and no one has ever been injured.  If they don’t have gear, I will have extra with me.  No guarantee the sizes would be a perfect fit and they have to share.  Would be better if they have their own sparring equipment. Hope to see you and your little ninja at SummerFest this year.  They will have a memorable time. Darin Yee

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