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Law and Self-defense Seminar – SummerFest

by George Mattson

by Attorney Mario Rizzo

(This session will incorporate lecture and physical activity components.)
Personal defense is a prime reason that people study the martial arts. Preparing to defend yourself requires more than the study of techniques and the physical training of one’s body. It requires studying and understanding (1) the law of self-defense; (2) the principles of combat: and (3) preparing mentally to implement them. A working knowledge of the law of self-defense assists the practitioner in analyzing the threat environment and choosing the appropriate response. With this knowledge the practitioner can implement the principles of combat, such as decisive action, aggressive action, and speed, in a self-defense scenario. The class will begin with an explanation of the law of self-defense. Then, we will explore how the Uechi-Ryu practitioner can learn and practice the physical aspects of self-defense through the usual course of study.

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