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SummerFest Schedules & Registration info!

by George Mattson

gem and girlsSummerFest 2015 Information Sheet &  Schedule
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Rory Miller, who has become a regular at the camp, will hopefully be with us all three days and will be teaching a number of seminars on Friday and Saturday. If he can attend, Rory will be conducting his 2nd Summerfest “Event” If you didn’t preregister and would like to attend, Rory will be pleased to let you join the group. 

You may register and pay Sunday morning—9AM—$125

This year we will be experimenting with a new way of organizing the seminars. On Friday, where fewer people attend, there will be one seminar held every hour that will be conducted by a senior presenter. Other teachers in attendance will be asked to occupy the other stations and critique kata or simply meet and greet participants, answering questions and signing autographs.

On Saturday, where we anticipate a very large attendance, all ten stations will be activated for every session. Presenters may select any station to conduct their seminars from, with the understanding that they must relate their seminar to the station category.  This will provide participants an opportunity to schedule their day based on what seminars they wish to attend. There will be stations that will attract more than one presenter. Although the senior presenter will determine how the session will be run, the other teachers will be asked to assist.

Sunday 9am—11:30am—George Mattson and senior instructors will be available to review kata or work on any other Uechi-ryu area that students would like to cover.

Friday’s Schedule of events

9-10AM—Welcome Address by George Mattson and coverage of his three levels of Sanchin performance. Emphasis on “core” principles of Sanchin and the importance of in-depth understanding of these principles as student advances through the ranks.

10-11:30AM– Welcoming Uechi-ryu Traditional Class by Darin Yee. Emphasis will on developing an understanding of Uechi-ryu as an Okinawa fighting system, preserved and evolved from Kanbun Uechi’s experiences studying at least three fighting systems in China. Darin’s class will be highlighted with examples of how Uechi-ryu is related to those Chinese systems and how this understanding can expand your knowledge and performance of your art.

11:30am—1pm — Lunch Break

1pm—2pm —- Art Rabesa will be featured this hour. In Art’s words. . .

“A good game to play in the class. Students pick a movement from any kata. Look at that movement carefully. Go over it quickly. What do you see? What does it mean to you? There is something there that you might have over looked. There is a meaning in every movement of every kata. Let’s pull it apart and see what it means. All my strikes come right from the kata. I steal everything I do from whats already there. I refer to it as cheating, because its given to us, all we have to do is use it “

2pm—3pm —- Jim Maloney will be featured this hour.

Here is an outline of my seminar at  Uechi-ryu SummerFest. I will be teaching the primal application of offensive moves from our kata. In today’s society self-defense is considered too slow a response to a violent attack. We need to understand how to preempt the attacker’s thoughts and actions. I’m looking forward to sharing some reality training with my uechi brothers and sisters. See you there,                                                                           Jimmy

3pm—4pm—— Rory Miller will be featured this hour.

This weekend, I’m going to work on three areas of self-defense:

1: Joint Locks. Done this one before and it’s been popular.

Taught properly, joint locks are not complicated. Using a principles-based teaching methodology, I will get you improvising locks under pressure. Don’t learn locks, understand them.

Fighting by touch. Touch is faster than sight, it is harder to fool. Often, bad things happen too close to use your eyes and too fast to think. Blindfolded work helps you to bypass the slower cognitive brain.

3: Structure and Infighting (New material) Manipulating the threat’s structure and using your own structure in close fighting.

Sunday I will have a lot more time to get into these subjects in detail and help students and teachers incorporate them into their martial art training.

4pm—5pm—- John Hwee will be featured this hour.

Thank you again for the honor of being a part of your Summer-fest Instructor Team.  As I mentioned in our conversation, I have found over the years of teaching practitioners from many different styles that people will be able to retain and adapt the techniques being taught more easily if it is presented in concert with the way their particular style has been taught and learned.

In other words I will share techniques and concepts that will focus on joint locks, pressure points, trapping and chokes that are already in the Uechi Ryu system but offering them from a different perspective that blends in with the way the practitioner instinctively moves instead of trying to change their natural reflexes.

Additionally we will work on street-fighting concepts on how to avoid a full speed attack while defending, countering and closing the distance gap simultaneously.  I have found these street fighting concepts to be particularly useful against an attacker that is usually very powerful like the Uechi Ryu practitioner.

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