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When the Dragon Whispers

by George Mattson

When the Dragon Whispers
by Bill Finnerty

Much is written,little is said. Much is taught,but little is actually passed on.But why should it be? To fully understand the true depth of martial,you must study the ancient culture and all its strict traditions.

Rank does not denote knowledge, nor does it command the respect we think it does,by many true oriental Masters. In schools of old, master meant self mastery of ones true study. When Master Kanbum Uechi studied the old Chinese systems,he
was taught the three levels of learning,–Shoden–Chuden–Hiden. But in the third level,how much was actually passed on?

A student sees what is taught and what is said, but he must listen to what is not said,and not taught. Where in lies the true study. Many techniques taught,will not work in the streets. Kata is not kata,unless it encompasses three levels. “Oku” ——“Heiho” –and :”Dim-Mak”. These were and still are an integral part of the Masters training. But how much did he pass on?

In the Uechi ryu Sanchin kata, the master placed two self-defense hand positions. one is very apparent,but what is the second,and why its strong importance?It goes to follow, that the second is actually the first .

Master Uechi learned that—
Blocks are not blocks
Punches are not punches
Weapons are not weapons
Therefore–Kata is not kata.

“When the dragon roars–the student trembles
but when the dragon whispers–the wise student listens”
Think of all that i have not said.

In the Uechi-Ryu system,as in many others the Master placed or hid,one of the most significant,introductions of Dim- Mak or Kyoshu on probably one of the most unlikely of places,namely the exercises and then Sanchin. So, why would an advance student study 10 katas,and then be taught two more?? Why would an advanced student learn and study 3 kumites,and then be taught even one more?? To lock in is a waste of time,foolish and dangerous. In “one Kata, not 10, lies the true study. The “Hidden” If you study Martial,as a true art form,a student must know the workings of the anatomical and physiological structure of the being.

A lot of years back ,I heard an oriental teacher say, “if you want to train a monkey,keep feeding him peanuts.” If you want to defeat the enemy,you must do so– Mentally. I,therefore leave you with and old saying– From one comes two,and from two comes two thousand. This has a double connotation. What is the second,and for that matter,what is the first? But in essence,what is actually not being said?

Think upon it,for its true interpretation,will give you the true depth.or the hidden of your studies. Enough said,again think of all that I have not said. I do welcome your  comments.
Respectfully Bill Finnerty

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