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Hope to see you at this year’s SummerFest!

by George Mattson

As most know by now, there have been many exciting changes to George Mattson’s SummerFest this year. These changes have been brought about after many talks with senior presenters and SummerFest participants. We know that these changes are going to make this year’s training historic on many levels.

The biggest change is location. This year’s SummerFest will take place at the beautiful
DoubleTree by Hilton in Danvers, MA. This clean, air conditioned facility will provide participants with a safe and comfortable area to train. By moving to this facility, we are providing extra changing rooms, separate training rooms, on site food & lodging, as well as an on-site water park for those who wish to bring young family members.

Friday’s training schedule can only be described as an experience like no other. For the first time, all North American Uechiryu 10th Degree Black Belts will be together in the same room. This list includes George Mattson, Van Canna, Walter Mattson, Art Rabesa, James Thompson, Jim Maloney, and – succeeding his test – Buzz Durkin. All Grandmasters are prepared and eager to share their incredible knowledge of Uechiryu.

Saturday’s training is going to be fulfilling on every level. We have six main presenters: Bob Bethoney, Leyn Burrows, Tracy Rose, Dan Dovidio, David Kelley, and Roy Bedard. Each have prepared exciting and informative seminars. Like last year’s SummerFest, trainees will be separated by rank while the presenters rotate among the groups throughout the day – ensuring that every participant is able to work with each presenter.

Both Friday and Saturday include an exclusive group of bonus presenters who will be teaching either before or after the main training. These presenters will all provide a unique approach to their Uechiryu practice. Training participants are encouraged to choose who they would like to train with during the bonus seminars.

We also have a specially designed lesson plan for Saturday’s one hour Junior Seminar for trainees 14 years and below. During this special break-out, junior karate students will have the opportunity to work with master instructors including James Cameron, Steve Dionne, Matt Saindon, Nathan Harker, and Brandon Stickney – along with many other professional karate instructors. This training will separate participants by age and rank. Any participant 13 & 14 years old may train with the Saturday Adult Main Presenters with their sensei’s permission.

Lastly, we will be celebrating this historic gathering of Uechiryu students from all around the world with Friday night’s Master’s Banquet. This exclusive dinner will feature many special guests from around the martial arts world, live entertainment, and memories that will last a life time. If you love the martial arts, this will be an event you cannot miss.

Bill Leith
Buzz Durkin’s Karate School
Uechiryu Butokukai

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