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Van Canna Sensei promoted to 9th dan & Hanshi title

by George Mattson
Eastern Arts Newsletter Proudly announces. . .
Van Canna sensei, awarded 9th degree black belt and Master’s title of “Hanshi”. April 9th, 2007


The I.U.K.F. honors Van Canna’s many years of service to the Uechi-ryu community with this master’s title and rank.
George Mattson, the president of I.U.K.F. and Van Canna’s teacher, recommended to the Board of Directors that Canna sensei be elevated to 9th Dan and be honored with the third gold stripe and title of “Hanchi”. This promotion is in recognition for his many years of teaching, his creation of innovative and important “realist” programs, for the validation of such a step by the old New England Uechi brotherhood, and for his ongoing work as “moderator” on Eastern Arts Forums.
George Mattson recommended the promotion and title at the April’s Board of Directors meeting, where all directors were present. Following a discussion where Mattson highlighted Canna sensei’s many accomplishments over the years and his ongoing loyalty to both his teacher, Uechi-ryu and the I.U.K.F., the board voted and unanimously approved the promotion.
In addition to meeting all the requirements and standards for both his rank and title, Canna sensei symbolizes the selfless dedication and hard work from seniors that is needed to build the traditional martial arts and provide the leadership for maintaining Uechi-ryu as one of the world’s most important “Warrior” arts.
As a senior member of I.U.K.F., Canna sensei has agreed to serve on the “titles” committee. He and other committee members help and assist other master degree candidates select thesis topics or other work that will qualify them for the titles of Renshi, Kyoshi and Hanshi.
Canna sensei will be presented his kyudan certificate and “Hanshi” belt and certificate in a formal ceremony at this year’s SummerFest. George Mattson will be presenting the belt and certificates.
– – –
On a personal note: George Mattson, the Board of Directors of I.U.K.F. and the Uechi-ryu world of martial artist, wish to congratulate Canna sensei and hope that he will continue to remain active and an inspiration to all students and teachers

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