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by George Mattson
Odds and Ends. . .

First, I would like to thank all of you who enjoy my editorials and have taken the time to e-mail and let me know how much you appreciate this site. Also, thanks to those of you who purchased my New England Seminars DVD. As a bonus, I am including one of the UechiStore’s best videos; VidMag 5, my 1994 trip to Vancouver. While reviewing that DVD I was struck by how beautiful the scenery was, how wonderful all the Tribal people were and what a great time we had. I just had to share highlights of this DVD with you. . .
The first section focuses on the ceremony where Jim Maloney is honored with a very special Tribal Ceremony. The clip is around 12 minutes. I hope you enjoy it. The next clip, which I’ll post next week, documents the trip from Vancouver to the small village of Shalath, deep in the mountains.
Check it out in the “WhatsNew” section. And don’t forget… it is available as a 2 hour DVD. High quality and really great content.

Oh yes… you can turn off the three clips on top. The Vancouver clip is at the bottom of the clip section. Let me know how you enjoy it.

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