$#%@^&%# Junk e-mail!

by George Mattson

I don’t know about you, but my e-mail in-box is overflowing with junk messages every morning. No matter what programming trick I create or anti-spam program I buy, the “spammers” always prevail and somehow end up in my “in” box.

Although a hundred or so junk e-mail get through every day, my anti-spam systems get 2-300. Not bad you say. . . Well, because my systems work “fairly” well, my “junk” box also collects about 25 e-mail that I do want to get. So guess what? I must now go through my junk mail folder every day to pull out the mail I want before deleting the rest.

I just started doing this, since earlier I would just automatically delete everything in the junk folder. Until. . .  I began sending my newsletters (I put out 5-10 a month) to myself as a way to check how they look using different browsers. . . Hmmm, I wasn’t getting any!

Finally, after complaining to the newsletter people and getting the responce: “Did you check your junk folder”, did I discover my own mail was being caught in the spam snare. After doing quite a bit of research and continuing to watch the 100+ junk mailings get into my “in” box, I realized how inadaquate today’s e-mail process has become.

The spammers don’t have a problem cercumventing every possible control mechanism deviced today. The only thing I don’t understand is why the spammers don’t advertise real products, instead of simply wasting their talents playing a game of “Lets see how many in-boxes we can invade today”.

Thanks for listening and perhaps one day a smart 10 year old will invent a way to send e-mail that get to recipients who want them and all spam automatically disappears. Until then, let it be known that I send out monthly newsletters to IUKF members, my Virtual Dojo members, a General Interest newsletter and occasionally (as in yesterday) special newsletters to groups that I need to communicate with. If you are or were a SummerFest presenter, and did not receive my newsletter yesterday, please check your junk folder. Then be sure to find out how to “un-junk” my newsletters for the future.

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