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David Mott’s New Book!!

by George Mattson

david-motts-book-picDavid sent me this wonderful book on the day Sue and I were leaving for Summerfest. I had time to open the package and scan the contents before heading for the airport. With all the lugage. . . nearly all Susan’s of course. . . I forgot to put the book into my backpack!

My bad!

I finally got an opportunity to read the entire book last week and must say that it was an enjoyable and exciting experience. No, it isn’t a picture book on how to perform kata, but the kata and everything else that makes Uechi-ryu important was explored and discussed.

In the Forward, Professor Greg Malszecki writes:

“Sensei David Mott appears to wear three sky-high hats in authoring this book: gifted teacher, reflective writer, advanced student in the art of feeling human. But like our very arbitrary categories of ‘body, mind, spirit’, he reveals his rare talent for story-telling with rippling circles of deeply-layered meaning. Like the Elder he is, he guides the reader to recognize why no significant progress beyond to the peaks aloft superior to all ranks and Dans and juried appraisals or titles or legends of performance within specific traditions those universal peaks of humane experience where martial arts becomes the arena of personal evolution through warrior-discipline integrating the obvious and hidden places, the suppressed or repressed traits, the apparently separate domains of effort as well as the wild places with no names in our real lives.”

This is a book that every martial artist will enjoy. Please contact David for information how to purchase a copy. David Mott (david@davidmottmusic.com)



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