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A Master’s Secrets of Uechi-Ryu (Expanded Edition)!

by George Mattson

A Master’s Secrets of Uechi-Ryu
(expanded Edition)


this book adds to the wealth of information in Karate:

New this edition…

1. A physician’s explanation of the physiological mechanics of Uechi training and conditioning
2. Innovative application for hojoundo, “Defending to the Four Directions”
3. Historical photos of Okinawa and American Karate Summer Camps
4. Trace your training lineage on the Uechi karate masters family tree

Three decade’s worth of master-level experience, 650 pages of insight, and thousands of detailed step-bystep photographs. Perfect for karate enthusiasts!

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There are many books on the martial arts
and specifically Uechi-Ryu available
and it is my honest opinion that lhor’s
is absolutely one of the best.”
-Master George E. Mattson

“..treasure trove of Uechi philosophy, technique, and history.
. . .-Master Buzz Durkin


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