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Health over Harmony

by George Mattson

Uechi-ryu practitioner Paul Sweeney has written an excellent book . . .”Gleanings of a ten-year odyssey in Asian clinics, temples and dojo”. . . which all martial artist and alternate health enthusiasts should enjoy reading. Paul sent me this email along with a copy of his book:

Hi Mattson Sensei:

I just wanted to update my phone number under Arizona dojo listing if possible. I originally had the good fortune to train under Sensei Walter Mattson many years ago before heading to Japan(uechi) and China(whooping crane) to train in dojos and hospitals for 10 years. I received my yon-dan in Uechi from Uehara Sensei in 2000. As I became so busy with patients and research for many years, I got away from teaching. I will be back in Asia training and doing hospital work(acupuncture) again this summer. Hope to start a new class in the Fall at my Phoenix clinic/dojo.

I wanted to let you know that I published a book called “Health Over Harmony” a few years ago about insights I learned training in Asian clinics and dojo for ten years. It has patient case studies, oriental medicine essays, and microbiology/raw food research(paleo diets including raw meats). There is also a chapter called “Martial Arts and Brain Coherence”.

It is on Amazon etc and I will send you a copy just in case there is something in it which you may find interesting.Hope you and your family are well.

Thank You, Paul Sweeny

Paul Sweeney DOM CMH Acup Physician
Phoenix AZ 85016

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