Oct 10 2011

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There are so many really interesting topics on our forums. Yet, because we are all so busy, they often go unread or appreciated. Do yourself a favor and take a couple minutes every day checking out the new topics and then review some of the older-but-fascinating topics that get buried. Not sure how many of you are aware of different states approach to self-defense. . . some states will throw you in jail where you will reside for years, while you wait for trail. . . and all you did was defend your life. Read about Roy Bedard’s experience as an expert witness in a case where this happened. Of course, you won’t be surprised to learn it happened in Massachusetts!

Maslow considered safety and security the fundamental human need, placing it just above air, food and water. Our country is built on the right to live free from tyranny and hostility. The framers of our Constitution believed safety and security to be unalienable rights for which all persons are entitled in order to defend against aggression and using all manner of force, including deadly force if necessary to insure that guaranteed safety.

But remarkably when a person does defend himself in the streets of America, and particularly when that person is forced to take the life of another. [Roy discusses this case and the outcome in this topic]

• misconceptions of judges and juries regarding the fight/flight phenomena
• schematic response to unarmed and armed aggression
• salient features of combat stress
• aftermath of a critical incident
• behaviors that define predatory violence
• what is moralistic violence and why is it lawful and justifiable for self-preservation?
• methods to properly establish and defend an affirmative defense
• presenting a compelling evidence based case to judges, juries and the press.
• key characteristics of critical incident amnesia
• defense strategies that compel jurors to empathize
• court rulings on civilian and law enforcement use of force, and why cops do what they do.
• methods that law enforcement investigators use when investigating members of the profession and how these differ from investigations involving members of the general public.
• how heuristic police investigations have likely landed thousands of people in jail for exercising their most important Constitutional right
• how to work within the confines of law including self defense, castle doctrine and stand you ground laws.

If you are in the business of defending or prosecuting alleged criminals, you won’t want to miss this seminar.
It is a college education in a single day and it is guaranteed to make you exponentially more effective in your work.

Roy Bedard is a recognized subject matter expert in police use of force and defensive tactics. He has provided expert witness consultations regarding self-defense in civil and criminal cases in Federal and State courts throughout the country.

A classical martial arts instructor and law enforcement professional for 25 years, Roy works with civilians and professionals who wish to learn more about and improve their abilities to defend themselves. He has instructed in college classrooms, conferences, seminars, training camps, police academies and military bases in the US and abroad.

Roy holds a bachelors degree in Criminology and Criminal justice from the Florida State University, recently recognized as the number one college of Criminology in the nation. He is a certified law enforcement officer and has worked closely with police agencies on five different continents. He currently works in a reserve capacity with the Tallahassee Police Department.

Roy is regularly sourced by national media including ABC news, CBS news, USA Today, network radio and dozens of periodicals representing his opinions in both law enforcement and civilian self-defense rules of engagement. He is an expert advisor for policeone.com and is considered one of the top experts on this unique topic in the country . http://www.roybedard.com


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