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What can you do???

by George Mattson
For all, if you think any can help – do we have a voice…?
Do you have friends, loved ones, family, or a sensei on Okinawa?  Do you enjoy visiting Okinawa for travel, training, testing, competition?  While here, do you enjoy Okinawan food and drink?  Do you love the Okinawan children, and watching them play, compete, and grow?
Do you have relatives in the US Military stationed here on Okinawa?  If you are a military member, are you about to be stationed here on the island?
And will you bring your family – your spouse and young children – with you?

With deadly radioactive debris from the March 11 disaster about to be released on Okinawa via incineration, all this is about to change.  Okinawan health – one of the highest life expectancies in the world – may be no more.

Travel will be fraught with concerns over radiation exposure.  All native foods and native Okinawan drink will become contaminated.  The beautiful children you see today will very likely pass on radiation-affected DNA to their descendants, who will face a high risk of birth defects for generations to come.
If this concerns you – and if the release of radioactive waste material into the atmosphere worries you – please contact your congressmen – senators – any local and state representatives – and voice your concerns.  The precious island of Okinawa, the birthplace of your karate and home of many friends, is about to become a radioactive dumping grounds.
You may never wish to visit Okinawa again because of the dangers of radiation exposure if the USA and other countries don’t pressure the Japanese and Okinawan governments to change their minds in this matter.
The accompanying flyer was delivered to my neighborhood and many others on the island just today.  Burning will begin either this month (April) or early May – unless pressure is brought to bear immediately.
There is no time.  Beaurocracy moves slowly unless it gets a kick…
Do it now…
Gordi and Sumako

Should you wish to be heard on the subject, send e-mail to the following government officials:
Okinawa is the only prefecture that agreed to allow radioactive waste material to be burned – the other prefectures in Japan wisely refused to accept the burden – and the danger.  Okinawa Government is accepting because Okinawa is the financially poorest and worst-off prefecture in Japan (as it has been since the 1800’s).  This is all about money…
Okinawa Government Main Office:
Okinawa Governor Nakaima – direct e-mail address:
Ryukyu Shimpo (main Okinawan newspaper) Offices:
Okinawa Times Editorial Staff:
Agency for Protection of Central Okinawa  —  please send a short message asking that your name be added to the “Protection of Okinawa from Radiation”

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