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Sanchin on the Beach

by George Mattson
8/26/2008: New Gary Geddes photos from SummerFest!

8/24/2008:Someone just emailed me – The Uechi-ryu.com site made it to the 2nd page of the “karate” category on Google!

WinterFest 2009

Where: Mount Dora, FL
Thu, Feb 26 – “Warrior Golf Tournament” (sponsored by the Warrior Golf Company)
Fri, Feb 27 – WinterFest Seminars
Sat, Feb 28 – WinterFest Seminars
Sun, Mar 1 – Community FireDragon Challenge (Open to community and martial artists).

Sanchin on the Beach. . .Sanchin on the Beach

Everyone seemed to enjoy the morning workout I conducted. Each session provided me with an opportunity to provide students and teachers with a new and at least for me, an interesting look at Sanchin and how this fascinating kata provides insight and a training mechanism for everything in our Uechi-ryu system. This year we had nearly a hundred students attending each 6:30AM session.
Click on the photograph to view Gary Geddes SummerFest gallery of pictures.
I’m working on WinterFest now. If you have any suggestions for a theme or program session, please contact me. Also. . . what are the best dates for you?
Once again, I wish to thank everyone who attended SummerFest and made my 50th anniversary teaching Uechi-ryu so special.

George E. Mattson

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