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Official Tia Portrait

by George Mattson

GEM vs Killer Squirrel

I’ve received quite a few requests for an old video I made about Seymour, the “killer” squirrel. (who kept raiding my bird feeder) Check it out!

Results of the 2008 SummerFest FireDragon Challenge posted:

Thanks to Bill Glasheen for heading up the testing and tabulation of the scores for this year’s Challenge. I just received the spreadsheet with the scores and posted them to the FireDragon’s site.
(link can be found in the left table of contents)  The next challenge will be conducted at WinterFest. I hope you will be able to join us. G.E.M.

Official Tia Portrait

With all the fanfare associated with my 50th Anniversary, Tia, who is dealing with Cushings Disease, and who is accustomed to constant attention and adoration from her many world-wide fans and friends, has been extremely depressed lately. Judy Durkin, a famous artist from New Hampshire, heard about Tia’s depression and volunteered to paint Tia’s official portrait, celebrating her nearly 15 years of service to the Uechi community and for providing so much love and devotion to Susan and me, as a sure fire way to perk her up.

The portrait done in pastels arrived today and everyone agrees is it absolutely beautiful. Tia checked it out carefully and also approves.
Tia's official portrait
Don’t I look “regal?”
Thank you, Judy!

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