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Chow Now w/Mary

by George Mattson

Mary“Chow Now” with Mary!

And you thought our forums were only about the Martial Arts! Our “Chow Now” moderator keeps things lively and interesting, even if you aren’t much of a cook. (Click on Mary’s picture to visit her forum) GEM
Holiday Recipes Planning to do some baking this weekend and trying to come up with healthy eats during the impending holidays. Anyone have any recipes they would like to share? (Okay, I really don’t need them to be that healthy!!!)     -Mary S
 Chocolate Truffles
3/4 cup heavy cream (whipping cream) 1 box of Baker’s chocolate – semi-sweet (the one that has 8 blocks of chocolate) 2 tbls. of your favourite fortification (i.e. RUM!)
Chocolate for dipping or other coverings – coconut, icing sugar, crushed walnuts.
In a heavy sauce pan add cream and heat until bubbles form on edge (do NOT boil). Add chocolate (it’s easier if you cut it into coarse chunks) Melt down and remove from heat. Stir until mixed completely. Cool at room temp. and add your “fortification”.
Put in the fridge covered with wax paper until mixture is firm.
Scoop out into approximately 1″ balls on wax paper. Dip in chocolate (white or dark) and drizzle more chocolate on top or roll in your desired topping.
Easy, a bit messy and totally delish!!!

 White Chocolate Party Mix
5 cups of Cheerios 5 cups of Shreddies (or Corn Cheks) 1 bag of mini salted pretzels 1 bag of salted peanuts 1 bag M&Ms (optional) 2 bags of white chocolate chips 2 tbls. vegetable oil
In a BIG bowl mix dry ingredients. Melt chocolate and add veg. oil (do not burn the chocolate!)
Pour into bowl and mix together. Spread on wax paper covered cookie sheets (you’ll probably need two) and put in fridge to firm. Break into chunks and store in air tight containers. This is a great recipe if you are into giving food treats away as presents – it makes a lot!!
Enjoy but try not to eat too much!!!

Candy Cane Bark
2 bags of semi-sweet chocolate chips 2 bags of white chocolate chips
6 regular size candy canes (you can add more if you want to)
In two separate pots melt the chocolate Crush candy canes in food processor until pulverized (you want the taste, not the chunks)
Pour half of candy canes mixture into both pots and then pour dark chocolate onto non-stick cookie sheet on either side. Pour white chocolate down the centre of sheet and with a knife make swirls with the two chocolates running into each other. Put in fridge til firm and break into chunks. Store in an air-tight container.
Another mixture you can give away as presents if you don’t want to eat the whole thing yourself!!!

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