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A worthy Cause for a very worthy warrior!

by George Mattson

At this year’s JLFS Annual Research Conference, the executive board passed a resolution to create National Joe Lewis Day. This initiative gives martial arts schools an opportunity to honor Joe Lewis on his birthday-week, with either a Kick-a-thon or Spar-a-thon fundraiser.

Mr. Lewis’ birthday is March 7th and Joe Lewis Day is set for the following Saturday, March 10th. All proceeds will go to a special fund set up to help and assist Joe Lewis as he continues to be treated and recovers from his brain cancer.

“Joe Lewis Day has been created to help with some of the huge financial burden that such a serious illness can create.” says Jim Graden, a 7th degree master in the JLFS and the person heading up this initiative. Jim continues, “Joe Lewis is the smartest and most giving person I have ever met. Considered by many to be the greatest American martial artist of the 20th century, Joe Lewis Day has been created to help a man who has inspired multiple generations of martial artists and has always given of his knowledge so unselfishly.”

Special prizes have been created for the students who participate and the schools that sponsor the fundraisers. Every person who raises $50 or more will be given a personalized signed photo of Joe Lewis. The top three schools that raise the most money will win entry into the 2012 Joe Lewis Research Conference, held in Tampa, FL. Plus they will receive special recognition at the awards banquet.

To participate in National Joe Lewis Day please go to joelewisfightingsystems.com or contact Jim Graden directly at 727-418-4882 or jimgraden@yahoo.com

The above Joe Lewis illistration is available in a limited edition, signed and serialized for any one interested. All proceeds from the sale of these paintings goes to Joe’s health fund. If you can’t participate in a Joe Lewis event this week you can help by purchasing one of these paintings http://joelewisart.com or something from the JLFS store  www.joelewisfightingsystem.com

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