May 21 2012

GEMattson visits New Hampshire

SummerFest is fast approaching! First weekend in August! View Short Clip Here

George spends a long weekend in New Hampshire with Buzz Durkin and students.

Mattson states: “I had a great time and met hundreds of dedicated Uechi-ryu students and teachers at my seminars and Saturday’s graduation ceremonies.” George arrived Thursday afternoon and taught a children’s class and a two hour adult class at Allan Azoff’s dojo in Lexington, MA. Friday, he enjoyed a round of golf at the Atkinson Country Club, where he stayed.

Friday afternoon and evening he spent at Durkin sensei’s beautiful Atkinson, NH dojo, spending an hour with the children’s class and then teaching a two hour seminar to a packed house. Robb Buckland conducted a fascinating “realist” seminar at the Atkinson dojo on Thursday evening.

Saturday was a busy day for everyone, expecially for George and Buzz, who posed for pictures with every one of the nearly 200 black belt recipients who were awarded their belts at the evening ceremonies. Buzz thought that everyone would want to have a photograph representing four generations of Uechi-ryu and based on the number of students who took advantage of this opportunity, they did!

Obviously, the weekend wasn’t all work. Here Robb, George, Buzz and Allan enjoy a brew following the Thursday night seminars at the Atkinson Country Club.

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