Aug 23 2011

PopMongoose Blog

I’m so very proud of my friends and students who are successful in life. Three of my Virtual Dojo students from New Hampshire. . . Max, Mia and Alex. . . who are just kids, are three of the most talented, imaginative and energetic individuals that I know. I just received the following email from Max, who has created a most imaginative blog that reviews books, movies and TV shows from a youngster’s perspective. You might enjoy his reviews and I know your children will!

Check out a new entertainment blog suitable for the whole family

Blog: The PopMongoose Blog
Post: Spy Kids 4 + Aromascope: not a winning combination

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Aug 17 2011

New event for 2012 SummerFest



In an effort to allow our Uechi members the opportunity to display their technique and form, IUKF will sponsor this competition to any Uechi-Ryu dojo, or related Uechi-Ryu family of styles, to compete in this event. IUKF membership is not required.

Teams must consist of 3 to 5 members and perform a kata of their choosing, higher than Sanchin. (Sanchin kata not permitted). The Teams members must also be individually registered for the Summer Fest, either as a Full Program Registrant, or Day Tripper.

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Aug 16 2011

Impact testing Device – Great training tool!

This year’s SummerFest participants and teachers had an opportunity to test their punches and kicks on the new “Herman” impact training tool! The “reader” (handheld visual device or wireless computer program) can easily program any number of workouts – or as in  the SummerFest event, we simply created a challenge where competitors performed two kicks and two punches – and the reader provides important feedback on individual techniques and cumulative power recorded from the four techniques.

The program records names, weight, height and age of each competitor in this challenge, along with individual PSI scores of techniques and the total score of all four techniques. In the SummerFest challenge, we attached the impact sensor to the back of “Bob’s” head to record PSI of the kicks and punches. (But the sensors can be attached to heavy bags or any other impact training device.)

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Aug 10 2011

Words of wisdom from Joe Lewis!

Words Without Knowledge Are Noise

“When you insult, disrespect, or attack others, it is a
testament to your need to access undeserved
recognition or attention you apparently were
incapable of earning for yourself.”

The true martial artist’s words or actions inspire
others to dream more, learn more, do more, and
accomplish more—thus, you become a leader.”


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Aug 09 2011

Phil Porter passes

To the martial arts community:

O’Sensei passed away at 2:30 P.M. today, Sunday August 7, 2011.  He was diagnosed with terminal cancer of the liver and pancreas.  He slipped into a coma Thursday morning and did not regain consciousness.  While I understand not everyone agreed with Phil, we all must recognize his contribution to Judo and the other martial arts.  Please join with me in wishing his family well.

Michael C. Makoid, Ph.D.

Executive Director

United States Martial Arts Association

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Jul 21 2011

July Update from George. . .

More NEW Updates!. Entertainer/TaiChi senior practitioner, Sherry Malone will be demonstrating a double sword set at the Masters Ceremony AND entertaining us in the lounge following the event! WOW! Check our one of her songs here.

NEW _ July 31, 2011: “Impact” punch/kick competition poster
Finals to be held at the Saturday evening Masters Celebration!


SummerFest Schedule finalized – Please download, print and bring with you!


Just added a note to this article –  posted by Bill Glasheen on his forum.

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Jul 18 2011

Black Belt Medicine webinar. . .

I wish to thank Dr. SaTerra Vishnu, DOM for being my guest yesterday on the IUKF Conference Room. Everyone enjoyed the discussion and information shared with the many participants who attended.

For those of you who weren’t able to attend, I’ve posted a youtube clip HERE of the seminar.

Based on the interest, I hope to invite Dr. Vishnu back in the near future.

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Jun 30 2011

Joe Pomfret just called. . .

And he will be conducting a morning AND an afternoon seminar entitled: Grappling Essentials for a Stand-up Martial Artist! And. . . just got an e-mail from Raffi Derderian who volunteered to teach a morning and afternoon session!

This Martial Art SummerFest is shaping up to be one of the best!

On Another Subject: “The Superempei Controversy”

I’ve been exchanging e-mail with a good buddy regarding the authenticity of what I called the “4th Uechi Kata, superempei. He believes the kata is an “imposter” and highly vocal against my proclaiming some kind of link with the system that Kanbun Uechi synthesized from the three systems or teachers he studied with during his China stay.

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Jun 26 2011

SummerFest Presenter Schedule up. . .

Working hard on the SummerFest Schedule and finally completed the first draft. I’m expecting a number of new presenters to be coming on-line before SummerFest and I am requesting that anyone who is expecting to conduct seminars Friday, Saturday and Sunday to please email me ASAP to let me know they wish to participate.

It is important to let me know what you plan to teach and essential that any seminar being conducted over the weekend will relate to Uechi-ryu in some important manner.

Susan and I are working very hard to make this SummerFest a huge success and I ask each of you to please talk up the event in your dojo and please. . . get your application in early.

SummerFest is your event. . . an opportunity to spend quality time with some of the finest teachers of martial arts in the world. . . and an opportunity to meet and socialize with martial artists from around the world. . . and an opportuntiy to recharge your batteriew – get really excited about studying a wonderful martial art.

Join me the first weekend in August and I guarentee that you will have a fantastic time!

SummerFest 2011

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Jun 22 2011

The Full Story. . .

Relating to “use of force” in a self-defense situation is being discussed on Van Canna’s forum. This is information that Van has been trying to get the martial art community to learn and teach as an integral part of the dojo experience. . . mostly to an unreceptive audience.

Roy is approaching the subject from a different perspective. He is telling a real story about an average person who did what I beleive, any one of would have done in a similar situation. This person (from Brockton, MA) ended up in prison for over two years while the justice system slowly churned until finally the real victim got his day in court and was judged innocent by a jury of his peers.

It is a story you should be interested in reading and understanding. CLICK HERE!

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