Jun 02 2011

Canadian Uechi-ryu Workout

Hello all

On Sat. June 11th the Okinawan Uechi- Ryu Association will be hosting it’s first workout. This will be held at Patty Young’s Dojo in New Minas. The purpose of this is to get as many students and instructors from the clubs in the Province together for a fun sweat. There will be activities for juniors as well as adults.

It has been some time since we have tried having a Association in the Province and as different clubs take new  directions in their Uechi we need times to just have fun and workout together.

I have included a poster which I hope everyone can open. If you have any questions please contact me. Also if there is anyone and I know I don’t have everyone’s email please pass this on.

Victor Swinimer

Okinawan Uechi-Ryu Association

Contact Information
E-mail: victorsuechi@hotmail.com
Phone: 902-543-9551

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May 08 2011

Professional Titles in Uechi-ryu Karate

Professional Titles in Uechi-ryu Karate

Editors Note: The titles used in martial arts vary according to the different associations. When I tested for my Renshi, this examination took place at the Chairman of the Okinawa Karate Federation’s dojo following my 6th degree black belt test. Upon successfully passing this examination and test, I was allowed to put one gold bar on both ends of my belt. Typical political issues intervened and shortly after this, individual organizations began their own method of issuing these titles.

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Apr 26 2011

Sensei Joseph Frisella passes!!

Senior Uechi-ryu Black Belt teacher dies!

Joseph Frisella passed Saturday, April 23, 2011 at the age of 71. He began his study of Uechi-Ryu in 1970 with Charlie Earl at the Providence dojo. Joe worked out faithfully with Joe for 37 years. In 2007 Joe ran the dojo in Wakefield, RI and continued working out with Everett Chrisman.

During the past 2 years, Joe had been working out in both Rhode Island and driving twice a week to Plymouth, MA to work out with Darin Yee.

Joe was a Kyoshi-Nanadan in Uechi-Ryu. Joe had also compiled many years of Yang Tai-Chi. Recently, Joe began learning a southern darn doe form, southern stick form and Wong Fai Hong’s tiger crane hand set.

Joseph Frisella was indeed a great martial artist. He was open minded enough to understand our learning is never ending and maintained his quest for a better understanding. Joe was also educated and trained beyond any questions that he was a true master.

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Apr 21 2011

SummerFest Website

Click Here to view the all new Martial Art SummerFest website.

Currently we have updated a great deal of the information relating to this year’s event.

Check it out!


George Mattson

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Apr 12 2011

Registering on Eastern Arts Forums

Wow! What a pain in the rear!

BOT registrations! Those computer generated registrations that have been clogging my email with hundreds of phony registrations a day for the past year.

I finally figured out a way to at least temporarily stop them. The reason for this FAQ is to let any new legitimate registrant know that they only get one attempt to answer the question (one of three possible ones) before the registration process locks you out.

The questions are easy. . . ones that any student of Uechi-ryu should know. . . However, many of our current members are not Uechi practitioners and therefore may run into the same problem the computer Bots run into and all you have to do is email me and I’ll send you the answers before you register again.

And be sure to register with your real name.

George Mattson

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Apr 04 2011

Survey by grad student

Dear Mr. Mattson,

my name is Nika Bolle and I am asking for you help. I am an undergraduate psychology student from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia in Europe, as well as a karateka from Karate Akademija Ljubljana: our club is the only Slovenian member of the International Martial Arts Federation Dentokan and we collaborate closely with its vice-president Hanshi dr Stephen Chan (9 dan).

I am conducting a study for my graduation thesis; I am interested in psychological states one enters when training karate and the well-being that ensues as a result of these states.

I will be grateful for your cooperation – here’s how you can help: I am trying to get as many U.S. karatekas and karate instructors to fill in an online survey, so I’m asking you to forward this mail to your practicing club members. Here is the link to the survey:

To thank respondents for filling out the survey, I am giving away a 100$ amazon.com voucher! As well at that, everyone can get their results once the study is finished. I will send out short emails with the respondents individual results and what they mean for them.

It takes around 15-20 minutes to complete the survey. The survey closes on April 29th 2011.

Since I have an interest in comparing a karate-traning group to a group that doesn’t train karate, I have another survey. I’ll be grateful if you can forward it to it your family and friends that don’t train karate. Here is the link to that survey:

If you have any questions regarding the surveys, please contact me and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Thank you for your time!

Nika Bolle

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Apr 01 2011

SummerFest 2011

What – When – Where
Special Event at 2011 SummerFest: Thursday, August 4th.
SummerFest: Friday, Saturday & Sunday, August 5,6 & 7th
JunglePlex located in Plymouth, MA.
Welcome to my first Martial Art SummerFest update. Running a successful camp is a lot of work and requires lots of support and help from my friends. After many years of conducting the camp at the Mass Maritime Academy, Sue and I decided to try out a different facility and to make a few important changes that many people have suggested.

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Mar 22 2011

In-house tourney Invitation


Just want to confirm to remind you about my “in-house” tournament.  Please be informed this tournament is as much for us the judges as it is for the children.  Although I call this an “in house” tournament, it really isn’t a tournament.  What it is actually is a work out for our children  and judges alike.
Instead of rank, our children will be grouped according to size and ability as witnessed and classified by our black belts in attendance.  We will then rotate groups from one ring to another to perform kata for judges in those particular rings.  The judges will critique and comment on each individual’s kata rather then giving them points.
This way, everyone benefits.  The student will have different black belts from 2 or more rings comment on their kata.  Each of the children will be allowed to take these comments home to better understand what judges watch for while they are judging.  The black belt board will have an opportunity to witness kata of students from other dojos and writing comments can work on and strengthen their judging skills.
As for sparring, there are many who pay to compete but only have 1 or 2 matches.  This ”tournament”, we are going to match size and skill rather then rank.  Everyone will spar in a round robin.  If there are 6 people in his/her ring, they get 5 matches anyways.  All judges will have plenty of chances to practice.  There will also be other standing on the side to step in if you are tired.  Although there will be points called, there will not be points accumulated.  This way, everyone is a winner and there will be a trophy for every competitor.
Your student will get plenty of practice for tournaments and judges will get plenty of practice also.  If you have black belts wishing to get into judging, this will be a great venue to do this.  In such a tournament of practice and friendship, everyone is a winner.
The cost of this tournament is $30 which includes lunch for the competitor.  If parents or sibling are present and want lunch, they can purchase it from the cafe.
Please let me know by April 1st because I will need that time to get all the prizes and check all the printed name labels.  Can’t make any promises if your entry comes in late.
In you don’t have any students interested and you want to come and practice, please do not hesitate to inform me as everyone is welcome.  My number is 508/746-3533 and I suppose you have my email.
At this time, I have a little over 30 entries.  Don’t know how many more I can except.  Great practice for everyone.
Darin Yee

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Mar 06 2011

Generating Power in Uechi-ryu

Suggestions for Generating Power in Uechi-ryu

Understand the nature of force: Li is muscular and is observable as effort. Chi is a metaphor for our naturally occurring and flowing energy. Jin is the expression of power which is the result of optimal channeling of chi, by direction of the will. Visualize, and it will happen, if your mind and body are relaxed. Through relaxation and resilience, one can generate internal power by optimum vector of forces. Internal power appears as an unexpectedly robust manifestation of force, especially considering the minimum apparent effort. With Li, the point of contact is itself the target. However, when a target is hit with Jin, the energy passes though and causes internal disruption. On a basic level: Hit through, not to.

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Feb 25 2011

New dates for Karate Championship Series

Hi to all Uechi-ryu students and teachers:
Hope all is well and your training strong.  Just a quick note to inform you of our 2011 Uechi-Ryu Karate Championship Series.  We had a great time last year and we hope to improve this year.  We’ve done much to insure fairness and consideration to all competing.  Please download our application from the attachment above.  If you would prefer, please write me back with your dojo name and address and I will mail you a poster and the amount of applications needed.

This is one event where all different association are welcome and come together as one united Uechi Family.  All 3 of the promoters are of different organizations but encourage the same goal of unity.  Those with misguided, elitist attitudes and false claims of superiority has not been invited.

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