Jul 18 2011

Black Belt Medicine webinar. . .

I wish to thank Dr. SaTerra Vishnu, DOM for being my guest yesterday on the IUKF Conference Room. Everyone enjoyed the discussion and information shared with the many participants who attended.

For those of you who weren’t able to attend, I’ve posted a youtube clip HERE of the seminar.

Based on the interest, I hope to invite Dr. Vishnu back in the near future.

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Jun 30 2011

Joe Pomfret just called. . .

And he will be conducting a morning AND an afternoon seminar entitled: Grappling Essentials for a Stand-up Martial Artist! And. . . just got an e-mail from Raffi Derderian who volunteered to teach a morning and afternoon session!

This Martial Art SummerFest is shaping up to be one of the best!

On Another Subject: “The Superempei Controversy”

I’ve been exchanging e-mail with a good buddy regarding the authenticity of what I called the “4th Uechi Kata, superempei. He believes the kata is an “imposter” and highly vocal against my proclaiming some kind of link with the system that Kanbun Uechi synthesized from the three systems or teachers he studied with during his China stay.

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Jun 26 2011

SummerFest Presenter Schedule up. . .

Working hard on the SummerFest Schedule and finally completed the first draft. I’m expecting a number of new presenters to be coming on-line before SummerFest and I am requesting that anyone who is expecting to conduct seminars Friday, Saturday and Sunday to please email me ASAP to let me know they wish to participate.

It is important to let me know what you plan to teach and essential that any seminar being conducted over the weekend will relate to Uechi-ryu in some important manner.

Susan and I are working very hard to make this SummerFest a huge success and I ask each of you to please talk up the event in your dojo and please. . . get your application in early.

SummerFest is your event. . . an opportunity to spend quality time with some of the finest teachers of martial arts in the world. . . and an opportunity to meet and socialize with martial artists from around the world. . . and an opportuntiy to recharge your batteriew – get really excited about studying a wonderful martial art.

Join me the first weekend in August and I guarentee that you will have a fantastic time!

SummerFest 2011

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Jun 22 2011

The Full Story. . .

Relating to “use of force” in a self-defense situation is being discussed on Van Canna’s forum. This is information that Van has been trying to get the martial art community to learn and teach as an integral part of the dojo experience. . . mostly to an unreceptive audience.

Roy is approaching the subject from a different perspective. He is telling a real story about an average person who did what I beleive, any one of would have done in a similar situation. This person (from Brockton, MA) ended up in prison for over two years while the justice system slowly churned until finally the real victim got his day in court and was judged innocent by a jury of his peers.

It is a story you should be interested in reading and understanding. CLICK HERE!

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Jun 21 2011

Canada Post Office on Strike. . .

To all Canadians who are attending SummerFest or “The Event”:

Please do not mail checks or applications!!! They will not be delivered until after the strike. Susan spoke with our postal spokesperson who said: “We are not accepting any more mail to be delivered to Canada. All such mail was being stored and. . . all storage facilities are FULL!”

Please use online applications and/or the secured Uechi store links that were set up for both the SummerFest and for the Thursday’s “Event”:

SummerFest Applications

Thursday’s “EVENT”

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Jun 20 2011

1st Open Uechi-ryu Webinar

First Open Webinar big success

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Jun 18 2011

Harry Cook will be sentenced on Friday 17th June

Harry Cook pleads guilty to sexual assault charges. The martial Art world is shocked!!!

Details and e-mail by the father of one of Harry’s victims on Bill Glasheen’s Forum!

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Jun 16 2011

Robb Buckland Seminar in Ayer, MA

Saturday July 30th 11 AM – Rising Star East in Ayer,,about 3 hours – cost $25-30 based on attendance.


Topics to include:

“aggressive defense” vs blocking, Footwork, “the Fluid Posture” and “human makiwara” among others

Contact TOWNSNDLAW@aol.com for information


Mr Buckland’s bio:

FEARS Ltds’ founder is a veteran of over 35 years in the martial arts and the grandson of ‘Hockey Hall of Famer’ Frank Buckland.

A nationally certified nutritional consultant and personal trainer (IFPA and ACSM), Buckland began his early martial arts training as a student of Masters Joe Shartrand and Frank Gorman in 1973.

Master Buckland through his association with Uechi Ryu Karate, pioneer and American founder George E Mattson, is mentored by Legendary fighter / trainers Jim Maloney, Arthur Rabesa and Bob Bethany ; known  as “The Three Animals of Uechi Ryu.”

Buckland is recognized as a Shihan (master instructor) in Uechi Ryu Karate and received a lifetime achievement award from the Uechi Ryu Hong Kong Karate Association in 2010. Through his mentorship by Hong Kong Uechi Ryu Karate Association founder Master Robert Campbell, Buckland studied under Tan Dao founder Master Lawrence Tan and is recognized as an ‘elder’ in Tri Harmony Gung Fu.

Robb began training with Kickboxing Legend / American Karate pioneer Joe Lewis in 1984. Grand Master Lewis, who was voted by his peers as  “The Greatest Fighter of all Time”, awarded Buckland a 6th degree black belt (Renshi) in his Joe Lewis Fighting System. Buckland says, his understanding of the attributes of a warriors spirit: courage, honor, and ‘heart’  are lessons he learned from his experience “Sparring with Mr. Lewis”. 

Through Mr Lewis’ mentorship, Buckland met and trains with Grand Master Dr. Maung Gyi  American Bando (Burmese Boxing) pioneer . While dominating on a national level in professional fights, Robb was recognized as a 6th degree black belt by The American Independent Karate Instructors Association (AIKIA), founded by Dr Jerry Beasley, Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace and Joe Lewis.

As MMAs’ popularity grew with the UFC, Buckland turned to Judo Master instructor Harry Chandler at his Dalton Judo Club. Master Chandler’s mentorship in the sport of Judo are some of Buckland’s fondest memories ‘on the mat’. This training led to several training sessions with Olympic medalists Jimmy Pedro and Jason Morris.    


In early 1990 Robb began his association with Soke Michael DePasquale Jr. founder of the International Federation of Jujitsuans (IFOJJ) and the Screen Action Stunt Association (SASA).  Mr. Buckland is a recipient of the prestigious Samurai Lifetime Achievement Award and the Samurai-Bushi award for continued excellence by the (IFOJJ). Action Martial Arts Magazine awarded Master Buckland a Silver Lifetime Achievement Award after Soke DePasquales’ nomination. Mentorship by Soke DePasquale and Grand Master Joe Hess allowed Buckland numerous film, television, and magazine appearances as well as advanced stunt and Ju Jitsu training. 

Mr. Buckland is now a sought after seminar performer for the martial arts and action film industry. Buckland has appeared in numerous television documentaries including The Discovery channels “Hollywood’s Greatest Stunts”, The Learning Channels’ “Martial Arts The Real Story”, and A &Es “Mystical Origins Of The Martial Arts”. Buckland is also featured in the action films “Miami Vice”, “Pirate Soul”, “Red On The Blue”,  and “Bloodmoon”. “Requiem for a Pit Fighter” and “Quan Yin” include Robb in action sequences choreographed by Michael Depasquale Jr. , Joe Lewis, and directed by Art Camacho.

Mr. Buckland has served in the United States Army and in a security / executive protection capacity for such notable performers as Jo Dee Messina, Kevin Bacon, Joan Jett, Seigi Ozawa, Winton Marselles, Diamond Rio, Tony Hawk and others. Buckland acted as “Intercept team leader” for the Seminole Hard Rock Casino  Resort in Hollywood Florida. Buckland is currently in preproduction for a series of Combat Fitness videos.  

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Jun 14 2011

Accomodations for SummerFest

All of our friends who are coming to this years’ Summer Feast should be calling the listed hotels to make their overnight accommodations. Plymouth is very active during the summer months and the rooms are filling out fast.
Please look at the list provided and call to see who has what opened. There is not much available now. If you wait too much longer, you will have no place to stay.



Click the “Read More” link to view the best accomodation deals in the Plymouth, MA area!

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Jun 12 2011

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. . .I publish a number of free newsletters during the month, mostly relating to martial arts generally and quite a lot of issues involving the uechi-ryu community. Should you like to receive an occasional “from the gut” communications from me, click the “Subscribe” link.







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