Apr 15 2012

Health over Harmony

Uechi-ryu practitioner Paul Sweeney has written an excellent book . . .”Gleanings of a ten-year odyssey in Asian clinics, temples and dojo”. . . which all martial artist and alternate health enthusiasts should enjoy reading. Paul sent me this email along with a copy of his book:

Hi Mattson Sensei:

I just wanted to update my phone number under Arizona dojo listing if possible. I originally had the good fortune to train under Sensei Walter Mattson many years ago before heading to Japan(uechi) and China(whooping crane) to train in dojos and hospitals for 10 years. I received my yon-dan in Uechi from Uehara Sensei in 2000. As I became so busy with patients and research for many years, I got away from teaching. I will be back in Asia training and doing hospital work(acupuncture) again this summer. Hope to start a new class in the Fall at my Phoenix clinic/dojo.

I wanted to let you know that I published a book called “Health Over Harmony” a few years ago about insights I learned training in Asian clinics and dojo for ten years. It has patient case studies, oriental medicine essays, and microbiology/raw food research(paleo diets including raw meats). There is also a chapter called “Martial Arts and Brain Coherence”.

It is on Amazon etc and I will send you a copy just in case there is something in it which you may find interesting.Hope you and your family are well.

Thank You, Paul Sweeny

Paul Sweeney DOM CMH Acup Physician
Phoenix AZ 85016

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Apr 14 2012

Mattson Guest Instructor “Super Summer Seminars”

Check this out. . . Highly recommended Camp!



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Apr 02 2012

Great start for the FireDragon Fitness Challenge

View highlights of the Florida FireDragon Fitness Challenge HERE.


Everyone had a great time. . . especially the competitors. The Florida FireDragon Fitness Challenge was held in Mount Dora, Florida on Saturday, March 31st and everyone in attendance thought this was going to become an important program for children and adults of all ages.

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Apr 01 2012

What can you do???

For all, if you think any can help – do we have a voice…?
Do you have friends, loved ones, family, or a sensei on Okinawa?  Do you enjoy visiting Okinawa for travel, training, testing, competition?  While here, do you enjoy Okinawan food and drink?  Do you love the Okinawan children, and watching them play, compete, and grow?
Do you have relatives in the US Military stationed here on Okinawa?  If you are a military member, are you about to be stationed here on the island?
And will you bring your family – your spouse and young children – with you?

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Mar 10 2012

S. Henry Cho

S. Henry Cho passes.

Sadly, it must be announced that another long-time friend of mine is no longer with us.  Sihak Henry Cho, a pioneer of Korean Karate on the East Coast, passed away on Thursday, March 8, 2012.

Many of my senior students will remember Henry, who attended all of my tournaments, with many of his formitable fighters.

He will be missed by all of his friends and many students.






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Mar 06 2012

A worthy Cause for a very worthy warrior!

At this year’s JLFS Annual Research Conference, the executive board passed a resolution to create National Joe Lewis Day. This initiative gives martial arts schools an opportunity to honor Joe Lewis on his birthday-week, with either a Kick-a-thon or Spar-a-thon fundraiser.

Mr. Lewis’ birthday is March 7th and Joe Lewis Day is set for the following Saturday, March 10th. All proceeds will go to a special fund set up to help and assist Joe Lewis as he continues to be treated and recovers from his brain cancer.

“Joe Lewis Day has been created to help with some of the huge financial burden that such a serious illness can create.” says Jim Graden, a 7th degree master in the JLFS and the person heading up this initiative. Jim continues, “Joe Lewis is the smartest and most giving person I have ever met. Considered by many to be the greatest American martial artist of the 20th century, Joe Lewis Day has been created to help a man who has inspired multiple generations of martial artists and has always given of his knowledge so unselfishly.”

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Mar 04 2012

2012 FireDragon Fitness Challenge

2012 FireDragon Challenge

Mission Statement:

The FireDragon Challenge was conceived by George E. Mattson in 2001 as a way to motivate karate students and teachers to test their physical potential with a challenging set of exercises that measures their martial art potential. Mattson asked Dr. William Glasheen, a scientist and martial art teacher, to design the challenge, using simple-to-perform and understand exercises that could become a widely accepted tool for measuring general fitness goals using popular competitive and individual motivating incentive and measurements.

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Feb 28 2012

Uechi-ryu World Cup

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Feb 14 2012

WinterFest News!!!

Don’t forget Sunday’s WinterFest Webinar – 8PM – 9PM

The purpose for this get-together is to discuss the class schedule for this year’s webinar. We have a great group of senior instructors participating and I want to hear what everyone has to say about how we should schedule the seminars. This may be the first year where we conduct more than one seminar every hour. . . depending on what the participants want. . . So, if you are coming to WinterFest (Friday & Saturday – Feb 24,25) please drop in to say hello and let me know your thoughts on the subject. Oh yes. . . I may find a neat video from the Uechi archives to play during our meeting. Send me an email for the webinar information if you didn’t receive my earlier Newsletter.





From WinterFest Presenter, Shihan Darin Yee:

Hi George,

This year, I will be teaching a seminar on Chinese Weaponry. As there will not be enough time for anyone to learn a complete form in any of the weapons, I will explain the nuances of each of the basic weapons and bring some to demonstrate.

I will spend most of my time allotted to talk mostly about the hard weapons which are the easiest to use. I will also teach some of the techniques and bring a few extra weapons for participants to use and actually perform/practice those techniques.

The weapons I will be working with will be the Chinese knife (broadsword as it is referred to by non-Chinese) and the long stick. Anyone who may have their own weapons should bring their own as one of the importances is to be familiar with your own personal weapon.

Although the Chinese stick is made of a flexible worm wood, you may also use a Japanese Bo Staff. It’ll be a little stiff but depending on the amount of people learning the movements, we may need more sticks.

I have been studying Chinese weapons almost as long as I’ve been learning martial arts.

I’ve been training and studying since 1960. There is much our community did not learn from the old traditional ways. Please know I will be willing to work with any student of the martial arts and not only those of at the winter fest for Uechi-Ryu.

Please call Sensei George Mattson if you are not a Uechi-Ryu student and would like to attend my seminar on Chinese Weaponry. I’m sure sensei will work something out with you. Thank you and see you at winter fest.

Darin Yee

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