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New Presenter this year. . . Marjorie Swift

by George Mattson

Non-Physical Self-Defense
Marjorie Swift

margorie Mention self-defense & the average martial artist reviews all the techniques he or she has practiced many times.  Followed by the statement: This won’t happen to me.”

In this seminar, we will explore the statistics, starting with “Most crimes are committed by someone you know, not a stranger in a dark alley”.

The most important skill you can cultivate is “awareness”.  Learn to trust your 6th sense.  Learn the difference between assertive & aggressive.  Most people do not recognize a comment or “come-on” as the test of your receptiveness.

We will act out some scenarios with a partner.  Practicing a realistic response to a actual or perceived threat is much like practicing your karate moves.

We will conclude with the discussion of physical techniques.

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