Apr 08 2010

Uechi-ryu Regional Workout

Uechi-ryu Regional Workout

Both Sensei Fedele Cacia’s and my dojo will be hosting a regional workout on May 2nd from 9-11 aM at the Natick High School in Natick, MA.  Last year’s workout was such a huge success with over 85 students/teachers from all associations in attendance. We are very excited to carry on this New England Uechi “tradition.”  We both feel strongly that an event of this nature is much needed within our beloved Uechi family.  We are both hoping for all groups and associations to participate in this great work out!

I did some digging on Sensei Mattson’s site and found this great message that Sensei Tracy Rose had written about his regional workout hosted back in ’99.  His message very eloquently sums up what Fedele sensei and I are trying to accomplish with our regional workout.



“I would like to thank you, Sensei Canna, all the instructors and students for creating a memory for all. By all accounts the workout was a success and so far has met it’s goals. I would like to remind people to follow through and go visit each other, complete that final goal. As stated at the workout, no one can get strong at this alone and no dojo get strong by it’s self, we need each other. We must continue building on the foundation our seniors have created. What a great time to be studying Uechi-ryu!! You could feel the electricity in the gym.”

That is exactly what we are going for on May 2nd.  The details of this great event can be found in the attachment.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or write.

All my best,

Andrew Moores


Andrew E. Moores

Director of Training

Atlantic Karate Training Center





Hosted by:
Fedele’s Karate Academy
Atlantic Karate Training Center

When:   May 2nd   9:00-11:00 AM SHARP

Where:  Natick High School

15 West St.

Natick, MA 01760

Who:    Open to all ranks 15 years and older

Cost:    $15

A Great Uechi Memory Awaits!

Karate is all about training. With this regional workout, we have a unique opportunity to fill a gym with Uechi students who are all looking for the same thing: TO TRAIN!

Comments From Last Year

“It was great training with some old friends again!”

“There was some strong energy and spirit on the floor.”

“Those two hours went by fast.”

“Those drills are going to help me with my kicking…..thank you.”

For all inquiries, Call Fedele at: 508-816-3509 or e-mail at: fedelecacia@verizon.net


Andrew Moores at: 603-964-1555 or email: amoores@atlantickarate.com

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