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Core Certification from Dave Young

by George Mattson

Dave YoungGeorge,

Greetings hope this finds you well and in the best of health. When you get a chance please share this link with everyone – http://www.ei8t.com/m/p/bNjPP9G9WWF
It is the information on the new CORE Certification on US Fighitng Systems and how we are introducing to the martial arts schools. FInally we are all set to launch. at this time i have 7 schools and in June I iwll hve 10 more and in July 11 more form the west coast.
I hope you and your family are in the bet of health and hope to see you sometime to catch up and enjoy a good meal. THanks again for all your friendship and support over the last few years.
Your Friend,
P.S. Please share this link with your group.
It is our family defense programs.
Thanks as always!

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