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Uechi-ryu Arm Position Helper!

by George Mattson

by Charles Roberts

This idea is used to show a new student how to place their hands while doing HojoUndo.

Take a bungee cord that is about 26″ in length, 5″ hard plastic tube, about 2″ heat shrink and fasteners for the bungee cord.

Place the plastic tube over the bungee cord and create one big circle with the fasteners.

Place the fasteners within the plastic tube.

Now create two circles as shown with the fasteners and then place the heat shrink over the 6″ circle and move the 6″ circle above your elbow. Now place your hand in the 2″ circle with the hard plastic on your finger tips, palm side.

The way the idea works is as follows:
1. You place your forearm in the big hole; where the device is over your elbow.
2. Place your hand in the other hole; so your palm is facing out forwards.

This will hold your hands at 90 degrees and help in
strengthening your wrist.

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