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Tribute to “Bally”!

by George Mattson

“Bally” 5/13/81 – 02/11/96

Susan and I had to “put down” our beloved “Bally” this morning. Those of you out there who ever owned and loved a dog will appreciate how hard this act can be. Owning a pet is a responsiblity and knowing when it is time to say goodby is a sad but important part of that role. Many of you got to know Bally during your visits to my home or during his frequent “walk-ons” in many of my instructional video tapes. We purchased Bally in 1981, just as our “Herman” was enjoying his last few months with us. A puppy will entertain and as in Herman’s case, actually extend the older dog’s life. Susan claims that during this period of time, Herman taught Bally all his endearing, entertaining and mischievous ways, so that when he passed on, we would not feel quite so sad. About a year ago our Vet told Sue that Bally was failing fast and that he would be lucky to last another month. We talked about getting another dog, but decided not to. But then a friend told us about a puppy that needed a home. We decided to let her visit Bally and if he didn’t object we would keep her. Bally loved her and welcomed the attention Tia gave him. They played together and Bally actually became stronger. We are convinced that Tia gave Bally another year of quality life. When Sue and I returned from the Vet’s office this morning, Tia greeted us at the door looking for Bally. Then she ran upstairs. About an hour later we went looking for her. We were not surprised to find her curled-up on Bally’s bed where she stayed most of the day, getting up occasionally to roam about the house looking for her brother.

Herman & Bally

Tia and Bally


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