Apr 11 2019

GrandMaster Ryuko Tomoyose Passes!

Death Notice from Okinawa:

Attached are Ryuko Tomoyose’s funeral announcement. One is Japanese message as a death announcement ( I send this document as authentication!) and my translation. There are more articles about him by master Nakahodo and his profile from Okinawa Time on the same day. I have to go to his funeral this afternoon; therefore, I will translate the same for the above articles around tomorrow about this time. Here is today’s his funeral message. 

Tsukasa(Scott) Higa


Ryuko Tomoyose passing away notice-Date: Okinawa Times -Thursday, 11 April 2019:

1. Father Ryuko Tomoyose: (92 years); Rest at home-Ota Uruma city
He passed away a natural cause of death on 11:06 AM April 11, 2019 and journey to the heaven for an eternal sleep. We, Tomoyose family, truly appreciated for a 5th floor of Nakagami Hospital’s a doctor in charge and his staffs for generous treatment. Therefore, we forward this message to accept our deepest condolence.
The funeral service will be following.
a. Date: Thursday 11 April 2019 from 16:00 Hour to 16:30.
b. Place: Gushikawa Funeral Service (1st Floor)
Phone: 098-973-4095-Gushikawa 1508 Uruma City
The event of * 7 X 7 (See note below) ceremony will proceed after the end of funeral. The 49 days of event will commence this funeral home this date, please accept our condolence. The year of Heisei 31st, 11 April.
Family participants: The oldest son-Michihiro Tomoyose: His wife Satomi: The oldest daughter-Akemi Kubota: Her husband Norio Kubota: Second oldest daughter- Kazue Tomoyose: Grand Childs Michiya; Kuniyasu Tomoyose: and all relatives Naoko Tomoyose; Nariko Kubota: ;Miiyu Tomoyose; Ryusen Tomoyose; Takatsugi Tomoyose; Nobumasa Tomoyose; Katsuko Tomoyose; Hatsuko Tamaki; Nobuko Shokida; Isamu Shokida; Yoshie Gushiken and others.

2. An honorary chairman of association:
Mr. Ryuko Tomoyose-Please accept our deepest condolence for his passing on 10 April
The year of Heisei 11 April. Okinawa Karate Association (Uechi Ryu)
The chairman of Okinawa Karate Association- Seicho Tobaru

3. The Special counselor of association (Okinawa designated non-figurative cultural asset holder)
Mr. Ryuko Tomoyose: Please accept our deepest condolence for his passing on 10 April
The year of Heisei 11 April. Okinawa Karate Assembly
The Chairman of Assembly – Zenpo Shimabuku
4. An honorary senior of assembly:
Mr. Ryuko Tomoyose; Please accept our deepest condolence for his passing on 10 April
The year of Heisei 11 April.
Uechi Ryu karate Do Assembly
The Chairman of Assembly – Sakae Uechi

*Note: 7 x 7 event meant- In Buddhist idea, A person deceased, his/her soul will seek peace and conformity for 49 days (7 x 7) before journey to the heaven. Therefore, all his family and relatives shall keep calm and peace for his departure.


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