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General Information

by George Mattson
1. Click on the link
2. Print out the application
3. Fax or mail the completed application
Thanks for registering early! GEM

New Schedule posted.
**Bus Service from Logan Airport to Bourne**
A second Bus service from Logan to Bourne
Then call George 352-434-9906 for a ride

SummerFest Program Book : Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4.


See you at SummerFest! Over 50 “fighting art” seminars. . . 3 days of training, practice and excitement. Register NOW!. . . Full program includes food, lodging, seminars and entertainment. Daytrippers also welcome.

To keep costs down, I’m not doing individual mailings. Your dojo will be mailed packages of applications and programs. If your dojo doesn’t have these kits, please contact me ASAP. Everything in the mailer can be found on this site, including the application. (which can be easily printed) If you have any problems downloading the application, please send me an email, with your name and address (or your fax number) and I’ll mail or fax one to you. This year promises to be a fantastic SummerFest. Susan and I hope you will be able to join us at this year’s event!GEM


The weather on the Cape is always changing. Since we have been holding SummerFest at the Mass Maritime Academy, we’ve been fortunate in having cool and dry days and evenings. We get an occasional shower, but most of us continue to train and enjoy the experience. Forcasts are fun, but seldom are very accurate on the Cape. But for those who insist, Check Here.

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