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SummerFest 2015

by George Mattson

Yukiyaki Yoki & GEM – 1965

I’ve been working on the SummerFest schedule – Remember, many of the guest instructors will not be shown on the schedule. There will be a bulletin board on site with their photograph and day/time of their seminars. The 1st draft of the schedule can be downloaded HERE

I am hoping that this year’s SummerFest will be both an enjoyable and exciting experience for all participants. From Kyu belts, Black Belts, and Masters, juniors working out with Sensei Yee on Saturday, to those of us who are in our 60s, 70s and, yes, 80s. SummerFest is for us all!

The message I try to instill in all classes I teach, newsletters I create, and conferences I attend is, “Train Smart – Train Often.” What we practice is what we will do under stress, and HOW we train will affect how long we will be able to work out (and IF we will be able to work out!)

This year, once again, I will try to drive home the message that Uechi-ryu should be practiced for a lifetime and should contribute to a life-time of good health. I am encouraging all Presenters to conduct their seminars with this theme in mind.

Also, this year, I am asking all participants who wish to be on the dojo floor to be in a traditional white Gi. The primary reason for the Gi this year is to help celebrate the traditional and fraternal uniqueness of our beloved art, and to be proud of our history and commonality of what we will be doing this weekend.

I have been working with many of the regular presenters on how to select seminar subjects and the topics we believe will be most appreciated by the attendees. We came up with a number of subjects to be taught, along with the breakdown of attendees by rank and also subjects that are appropriate for all ranks. Because we have a large number of master instructors attending, each subject section (areas in the dojo) will have a seminar leader and other instructors who will assist in the session.

We will also will be honored with a number of very senior instructors who have agreed to spend time signing autographs, having pictures taken (with permission of course), critiquing kata and other components of Uechi-ryu, as well as answering questions about our art.

Additionally, we will have a number of guest instructors from other martial art systems who will be running basic, introductory sessions on elements of their art that relate to Uechi-ryu. This will include traditional Okinawa weaponry.

Sunday morning, following a formal bow-in, I will be conducting a traditional Uechi class for the Alumni of the Mattson Academy and students of the alumni. This class is free to all Summerfest participants. Fee for non-participants is $25. This class will also be a “white Gi” class.

I sincerely hope that you will attend the full weekend. I promise that you will enjoy yourself, plus have many stimulating and healthful workouts.

As always, if you have any questions, please call or send me an e-mail.


George Mattson

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