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Firedragon challenge

by George Mattson


The FireDragon IUKF Performance Team Honor Role


To be listed, all performance tests must be
authorized by administrator and certified passed by two approved witnesses.

Introduction to the FireDragon highlights by co-founder

of the FireDragon Challenge, William Glasheen, PhD.

The Test:

Stage 1: Maximum push-ups that can be done in a minute. These will be flat-handed pushups, with elbows rubbing against the body (sort of like karate fist pushups). I’m still debating on whether or not to ask for fist pushups. Right now I think not, but opinions welcome here.

Quickly go to stage 2.

Stage 2: Maximum pull-ups that can be done in a minute. (This is the one I want to do a little more research on.) You get one shot here. Once your feet touch the ground, you are done.

Quickly go to stage 3:

Stage 3: Maximum sit-ups that can be done in a minute. These will be bent-knee situps with a partner holding your feet.

Quickly go to stage 4:

Stage 4: You get one minute to do 2 tries at a standing broad jump. Your best effort is your score.

Quickly go to stage 5:

Stage 5 : Maximum number of “squats” that can be done in a minute. A squat is to be done down to thigh-parallel, and then stand completely up. Any squat that doesn’t go down that far, or goes all the way down does not count. Judge will stop you if form gets unacceptable.

Quicly go to stage 6:

Stage 6: A one-mile run.

The above crest or pin will be awarded to the #1 competitor in each division. All participants will receive a certificate with their performance scorres.

Congratulations to all who participated
in this extreme test of physical fitness and endurance.

George E. Mattson

Bill Glasheen