Apr 03 2006

China Trip Update 4-3-06

Hi All,
Please be reminded about getting your passport, 2 passport photos and a
check in the amount of $1,000 to me before April 30.  I will ned that to
reserve your seat on this trip.  I will process payments to the agent the
first week of May.  If I receive your deposit after I’ve given our first
payment to our agent, it may cost you more then I’ve promised.

Please be vigilant about your shots needed for this trip.  I know some of
them are give in a series.  Could take 6 months to get them all.  I would
also advise antibiotic pills from your doctor.  If you don’t like the food,
there is no Burger Kings there.  (I think I remember a Mickey D there). 
Long lines for a horse burger.

I will also need your jacket size as I will be passing out an IUKF jacket to
all attending this trip.  Not like I can’t identify our group of caucasian
with the natives but it may identify us as a group to the natives.  I’ll
need your size also, Bob Sensei as you will be our beacon in HK.

Remember the purpose of this trip is for the opportunity to working out with
some of the well known kung fu teachers of Southern China.  Many of the
people traveling with us, the IUKF members, there will also be students of
sifu Wong.  We will make side trips to visit other martial art schools,
museums and Southern Shou-Lin.  We might also be coming home by way of
Quan-Jhou airport.  If so, we will be in Quan-Jhou the last 3-4 days where
we can shop till we drop.  Quan-Jhou is one of the largest cities in
Southern China.  Not as inexpensive as in Toi-San but much better quality. 
Please consult me before you do any shopping (could prevent any possible
arrests).  China is also famous for their canning methods.  I will also do
all your money exchange.  I can not promise the best exchange rate because
some street hawkers can give you better rates.  I can promise you the
authenticity and guarantee for every penny I give you.

Don’t need to bring more then one suit case.  Cloths there are the price of
throw aways.  They also have laundry service there.  If you plan to bring
items home, beware to the spending limits enforced by customs and the price
of another suit case is very inexpensive.  Chinese suit cases (burlap bags
tied at the opening) is free.

Our agenda is as follows:

We will depart from our perspective airport and meet in either San Diego or
San Francisco on October1.  After everyone has arrived, we will board our
plane to either Japan or directly to Hong Kong.  We will arrive in HK on
October 2, sometime in the PM (HK is 12 hours ahead of our time).

While in HK, Sensei Robert Campbell will be our gracious host.  He knows HK
like the back of his hand and time with Bob in Hong Kong usually becomes
legendary.  We will be in HK for 3 nights and 2 full days.

On the morning of Oct. 5, we will board a small ship to Ging-Yoke, a small
pier-town on the River way.  Sifu Wong will meet us there with our
transports and bring us to our hotel in Toi-San.  We will be in Toi-San for
1 full week and leave for Quan-Jhou on the 12th.  While in Toi-San, we will
work out on a daily bases (optional).  We will go on a few daily tours to
Wong Fai Hung’s museum, Southern Shau-Lin Temple, Fout-San where they are
famous for their martial arts supplies,  Hoi-Pen, their new up and coming
metropolis (still primitive).  I’ll make sure there will be rest days in

Quan-Jhou will be where we will board our airplane home.  We will be there
from the 12th to the 15th where we will be tired and glad to head home.  By
the way, Quan-Jhou is also where our US embassy is located.  I’m sure we can
visit that also if you’ll like.  I know a few people there.  If needed, I
will get you boarded on your plane home and the next stop will be LA or San
Diego (all the stewardess speak english).  I may need to stay a few more
days to attend some personal business.  If not, you’ll have to put up me all
the way back to the state also.

All is welcome to come along.  If you are not able to attend and already on
my list, please do not hesitate to call or write to let me know (I fully
understand this is a hugh undertaking).  We don’t want you on my other
unmentionable list (just joking).  If sight seeing is what you are looking
for, I’ll prepare for that and set you up for sightseeing the next time
around (I will be going to China twice a year).  If you’ve sent me your
deposit already and want to change your mind and want to cancel or go
another time, you’ll have to let me know by April 30 before I give your name
and deposit to the agent.


Thank you very much.  Looking forward to a great, informative, china
experience for all.

Strength and Honor,
Darin Yee

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