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by George Mattson
Our Membership Coordinator, David Berndt, recently reported 36 new IUKF members, and 34 renewals!  All of us members should speak with at least two dojo mates, or friends in other dojo, to share the advantages of joining.  The larger our membership, the more activities we can organize and all benefit from.
The IUKF Board of Directors is working an a Lifetime Membership, that will save money in the long run.  It also gives prestige, since those who take advantage of this option will show their dedication!  Stay tuned for information regarding cost.
Anyone reading this entry should email our Membership Coordinator ( with your name, your postage address, and your telephone number.  In this way, we will have a complete database on our membership, and this will allow us to send hardcopy information, and to contact by phone if necessary, when we have important and fast-breaking news.

Paul Haydu

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