IUKF Progress Report for January 2007

Chairman’s Report on Recent IUKF Developments
For January 2007

Sensei George Mattson reported that Uechi-Ryu.com is the most popular martial arts website on the Internet.  The number of hits at any moment can be noted on the website’s homepage.

Membership Coordinator and Treasurer David Berndt reported that membership was up in 2006, and importantly, included three Lifetime Memberships. 

Important changes in policy shall go into effect ONE YEAR following announcement of the policy changes.

Recent examples of such changes are:

a)  All members of the IUKF shall be dues-paying members

b)   All candidates testing for a Black Belt rank shall have studied for at least one year, with a teacher who is a member of the IUKF.

These changes will go into effect in January 2008.

Paul Haydu

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