Apr 07 2014

News from India IUKF

India IUKF family is very well in 2014 hanshi, ¬†India iukf last belt test 26.01.2014 on Vriksha Global School in Thiruchengode very support to school correspondent and school stops and India Uechi ryu Shidhoins 1.Dhayanithi 2, Sabeetha, ¬†,3.rajavel, 4.ganavei, 5.allandavid,6 ,tamilselvan,7 ,thiyagarajan,and more senior students in IUKF INDIA …..

DHOSHI;S.KESAVAMANI IUKF, INDIA Representative , thankyou hanshi !!!

india-sanchin2 jr-test01 jr-test02 jr-test03 jr-test04 jr-test05 jr-test06 jr-test07 jr-test08 iindia-class-seiza india-banner india-child India-new-b-belts india-presentation india-sanchin2

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