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New Accurate IUKF Membership Directory

by George Mattson

New accurate membership directory

The IUKF is very interested in being able to reach all its members, accurately and rapidly.  To that end, we are asking all those who are members, or who are thinking about the advantages of membership to write our Membership Coordinator, David Berndt at DCBerndt@aol.com, giving him your email address, your postal address and telephone number.  This will help us reach you more quickly, when important news or offers occur.

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SgtTuvy August 9, 2014 - 1:01 PM

Jeremy Tuveson
622 Parkview Ave.
Eagle, NE 68347

(402) 570-8054


I am very interested in membership to the IUKF. Please send me information on how, price, and benefits of membership. I have very limited internet access, so mail would be best. Thank you for your time.

Jeremy Tuveson

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